MAC Snow Ball Mini Lip Set is to die for! 

Hey y’all!

How ya doin? Let me do some show-off today, ’cause I got my MAC Snow Ball Mini Lip set (The big one. The beautiful one 😉) 

Ehm… how gorgeous is it!!!! I can’t even!

Okay… this set is the most wanted from MAC’s Snow Ball Collection this year (LE Holiday 2017) so I can’t believe I managed to got it so fast! 

Price: US$ 69.50 (but it’s still not available on MAC site unless you’re a select member)

I got mine from Malaysia (Heard it’s selling like hot cakes there too!)

You’re getting all permanent colours: But the packaging is limited edition. Each tube is made with same colour as the lipstick inside, and these are even more adorable because they’re minis. Yep, they’re not full sized. You get 1.7g in each lipstick, and 12 mesmerizing best sellers from MAC. Huge round of applause to MAC team for creating this set!

You can’t stop taking photos, literally! 

And when I posted these on my IG stories today, my inbox exploded with questions, so I thought I’d better do the review now 😅

Finish: All lipsticks except Rebel are mattes. What I love about this set is that even Ruby Woo is just “Matte” this time, instead of being its usual “Retro Matte” aka the “super dry formula”

I’m sooooo in love with this set… ladies & gents, if you want to get this set you must hurry up!

I have two more items from Snow Ball collection but they will arrive here in about a month… so stay tuned, because I will be posting other things here as well!

Thank you for stopping by!


Neth Mi

2 responses to “MAC Snow Ball Mini Lip Set is to die for! ”

  1. This set is stunning! And beautiful swatches as well 🙂


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