Colour Pop I Think I love You palette review

I received my first colour pop pressed eyeshadow palette 2 days ago, and I love it! At a glance, this might look like yet another basic, neutral eyeshadow palette but the textures are pretty unique and the colours are so beautiful and more versatile than you’d imagine!

Price: US$ 16.00 at

(If you live in Sri Lanka, you can order this from for LKR 3500.00)

The palette comes with 12 eyeshadows (8 metallics and 4 mattes)

(L-R) Belair, Screw It, Girls Bite, Let’s Do It, My Type, Howdy, Fancy Face, Level Up, Rule Breaker, Better Bitter, My Treat, Rowdy)

The above are finger swatches with no primer. One great thing about ColourPop is that you don’t need primer for either of their eyeshadow finishes and they last an impressively long time without it, even in the most humid weather. 

Even though it says Rowdy is a matte ivory, there are visible sparkles on the pan that kind of disappear once you apply on the lid. 

Both mattes and shimmers work equally well with both brushes and fingers.

Though this looks like yet another palette full of neutral shadows, they’re pretty unique in terms of the formula and work beautifully on the eyes. These are very beginner-friendly too. 

I love I Think I Love You palette! I think you will not regret buying this even if you have a thousand other neutral palettes! 

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3 responses to “Colour Pop I Think I love You palette review”

  1. Colourpop has been killing it lately with their palettes. This is such a pretty one, but I wish it had a couple more matte shades. It also reminds me of the new Tarte toasted palette, and I am dying to get that one.

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    1. Yes I agree about the mattes… Tarte Toasted looks so yummy hehe thank you for stopping by! 💕

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