So I got my hands on a few product designed by Kim Kardashian West (or her team) a couple of weeks ago, and I’m luurving it!

If you’re not familiar with KKW Beauty (you’ve got to be kidding me if you don’t know!) it is owned by none other than the contour queen Kim Kardashian West, and she started her brand by first launching a cream contour & highlight kit this summer. She also collaborated with her step-sister Kylie Jenner to design 4 gorgeous lipsticks inspired by her infamous nude lips that she rocks at every red carpet. (These lipsticks are now available on her site: http://www.kkwbeauty.com)

If I say that her cream contour kits were sold out in an instant, that’s an understatement! And so were the powder kits, but my bestie Nisha was lucky enough to buy one for me on the first launch date. (She put multiple alarms and everything was sold out in a matter of few minutes)

We decided to pass the cream contour kits for a few reasons:

  • The price and the amount of product you get does not go together.
  • The shades look super soft and blend out to almost nothing. We want out contour to stand out!
  • Everybody was complaining about the bullets breaking and the brushes for not being made of high quality.

But the powder kit seemed much better & superbly pigmented on her arm swatches. Let’s see if they live up to her celebrity standards!


Packaging: Many were complaining about the outer packaging (quite to similar to Pat McGrath products minus the mother load of sequins) and I seriously don’t care about outside packaging. I will anyway throw it away in a couple of days, even the cutest of them!

I’m living for the nude shades she’s chosen for her brand. I love how minimal everything is, especially her branding. She’s super into monochrome and so am I! The dual ended (interchangeable) brush is packaged separately in a plastic bag inside the zip lock back and the actual palette is inside a nice, sturdy cardboard box that resembles the palette itself.

The palette feels heavy (in a good way) and very sturdy. It’s made with high quality cardboard with a magnetic closure and comes with a large mirror inside. The outer surface is very smooth and feels luxe (will get dirty because of its pale nude shade) and the pans inside are big!

You get 2 shimmery highlighters, 1 bronzer and 1 contour shade.

Highlighters: TBH I wasn’t very sure about the highlighters because they seemed too light for a medium palette. I personally love champagne shades for medium/tan skin tones, but when you mix these two shades they look stunning on the skin! The formula is very soft and consistent, and for the first time it does not emphasize pores! These highlighters make your skin look baby smooth and supple! I even used them on my mom (she’s 59!) and even her skin looked smooth under these. Giving my 100% for the highlighters!

Bronzer: Nikki Tutorials was right. The bronzer is way too orange, but if you have warm undertones in your skin, you can work around it for sure. I love using this on bare skin (w/o foundation) over my nose, forehead and cheeks for an instant sun kissed look. Be careful though, you must use it with a very light hand.

Contour: This too is a bit too warm for a contour shade, but since I have very warm undertone in my skin I can make this work. Again, a light hand is recommended…

The brush: I love the brush. It comes with dual ended removable brush head which is a really cool idea. I think she plans to bring more brushes in the future. The contour side is nice and angled and the highlight side can be used to apply blush too.

Price: US$ 52.00

Is it worth the hype: I think it’s 50/50. It was quite hyped because it’s by KIM! Look at Fenty Beauty! Imagine if it was not by Rihanna, but some other indie company.. I don’t think people will be hyped up about it even if they brought a million foundation shades. (So many other brands already have more than 40 foundation shades!) So apart from the whole celebrity-driven hype, the palette is somewhat unique. The formula is definitely one of the softest! The pan sizes are huge and the mirror is great as I use it every day to do my makeup!

If you’re a beauty junkie, it’s worth having it in your collection.

You can watch our review here:


So on to the first product she released in collaboration with her step sister Kylie:

I wasn’t going to order this at first, but I wanted to try them later because if Kim Kardashian West can’t get a nude lipstick right, no one can! She’s the queen of nudes (literally! 😂)

The formula is a very creamy one and it doesn’t really set on your lips. They have a satin finish and it’s super comfortable on the lips. They’re not very long lasting as any satin lipstick can be! They feel hydrating and I’m totally in love with the formula!


Is it brown girl friendly? Unfortunately not all colours are brown girl friendly. I think they will not work on anyone darker than NC40. You can see and decide for yourself from below:

I love the shade Kimberly even though it’s super nude on me. The best colour for my skintone is Kimmie. Kim and Kiki have very slight difference on lips, even though Kiki is has a hint of pink in it.

While these shades will look fabulous on light-medium skin tones, I truly hope Kim would bring more brown and dark nude shades because I LOVE this formula so much. This set retails for US$45.00

Here I’m wearing Kimmie on my lips and the powder contour kit in medium on my face. Overall, I’m very satisfied with all the products:

Would you buy anything from KKW Beauty? Let me know in the comments section!

I hope you have a wonderful week!


Neth Mi

8 responses to “KKW BEAUTY review”

  1. Julia - The Honey House Avatar
    Julia – The Honey House

    I definitely want to try out the KKW Contour products! This is a great collection you have here!

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    1. Yes I really like them! Only thing is the bronzer and contour is a bit warm so be careful with application! Thanks for stopping by! 💕

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Julia - The Honey House Avatar
        Julia – The Honey House

        Thanks for letting me know, I tend to prefer cool contour products!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I think i would only get the KKW lip set! The rest unfortunately does not seem worth the hype :/ loved the reviews tho! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The packaging on this is incredible!

    Liked by 1 person

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