Spice Island Beauty skin & hair care products review

Hi all,

I have yet another locally produced brand review here for you, and this time it is skin care. Honestly, I have a pretty basic skin care routine, and about 90% of my products are very affordable and available in Sri Lanka. I’m so glad I found another amazing brand from Sri Lanka to add to my list, and that is “Spice Island Beauty

What I love about this brand is their philosophy. Since a few months back, I’ve decided to prioritize my shopping based on brand philosophies, their ethics and the overall story behind the making of their product, which adds more value to it in my opinion. I feel Spice Island has a good philosophy behind the brand, which is to improve the natural well-being of their consumer through Ayurvedic inspiration. Sri Lanka is famous for ancient Ayurvedic methods in skin and hair care, and Spice Island has used this in a modern twist on their products to cater a contemporary lifestyle.

I received 3 of their full-size products as samples to use and give my thoughts on:

  • Neem Shampoo
  • Neem Shower Gel
  • Passion Fruit Body Butter


First of all, this was delivered to me pretty fast since they got my contact details, and was packed beautifully with these colorful shredded papers. It felt like Christmas came early, haha!

I love the packaging of the products too. They have been made with recycled material. They also look luxurious when placed inside your bathroom 🙂

Let’s talk about the products one by one:

Neem Shampoo

I was a bit hesitant to use this shampoo since it has some natural ingredients and the last time I used a natural shampoo, it stripped off my jet black hair die (after just 3 days since I dyed my hair!) but Spice Island shampoo was mild enough that none of the dye came off as I showered.

Price: LKR 1550.00

This shampoo is made with extracts of Neem, aka Margosa which promotes hair growth and strength and relieves dry scalp and dandruff. After the 2nd wash, I felt my hair light and smooth. It smells amazing too!

Neem Shower Gel

This shower gel is good for any skin type (oily, normal, dry) and has the same Khomba (Margosa) extract. I felt a hint of minty scent in this shower gel, which I enjoyed so much during my shower. It felt and smelled amazingly refreshing.

Price: LKR 1270.00

Passion Fruit Body Butter

Last but not least is the Passion Fruit Body Butter that is my absolute favourite from this trio. I have very dry skin all over my body, and this one is thicker in consistency than other body butters, which is good for dry skin! However it was easily absorbed into the skin and lasted almost all day without my skin looking scaly like it normally does. I must try this during winter time to see if it’s winter-proof. It smells like heaven, no exaggerations! Contains Passion Fruit oil, which helps hydrating your skin and its rich with antioxidant Vitamin C and various other nutrients that are great for your skin.

Price: LKR 2200.00

Overall, I’m fully satisfied with these 3 products and I can totally recommend them for you. I had a nice experience during and post shower with them, and I hope this review helps you!

Check out their website for more products and details: http://www.spiceislandbeauty.com

Have a wonderful week ahead!


Neth Mi

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