Juvia’s Place Saharan Blush Palette Vol I tutorial + review

Hey beauties!

I just couldn’t wait to review this palette for you and I received it only two days back but I am hooked!

There’s been so much hype on Juvia’s Place products recently and my friends Nisha & Karen (That’s so charming) have been telling me how awesome they are, and finally it happened last Monday!

I got this from an Instagram page (@makeup_fix_colombo) that brings down makeup here in Sri Lanka because Juvia’s Place international shipping is pretty high plus you have the crazy custom duties here so it’s better to order through someone like this. They already had this in stock so delivery was done within same day! (How awesome is that! Typically we wait 2-4 weeks for our makeup to arrive from the US!)

It is bomb.com !

The pigmentation!

You guys!

I can’t even!

Pigmentation: The volume I is made for more deep, dark skin tones and me being a medium is bit of a risk here. I barely touched Zane today with my MAC 168 brush, and bam! I got a splotch of fuchsia on my cheeks! I recommend keeping a beauty blender or some kind of sponge to blend these well because they are insanely pigmented!

There are two highlighters in this palette that look kinda similar on the pan but once you swatch you can see side by side they’re different. They are too dark as highlighters on my skin but definitely great to eyeshadow! They feel kinda wet to touch and glide on beautifully with fingers or brush!

My two favorite shades from this palette are Zane & Toby. I believe Neo & Aby can be used to contour for very deep chocolate skin tones. For me, I’m gonna use them as eyeshadows!

Price: US$ 18.00 (I got this for 4500/-)

Wear-time: I must say these are the longest wearing blushes I own! They wore on me for around 4-5 hours and that is so good for blush because typically, blushes are the first makeup to disappear from your face!

I can’t wait to buy Volume 2, which is made for more fair to medium skin! If you’re a makeup artist, these two palettes are a must on your kit!

I created a complete look using this palette on my eyes & cheeks:

Stay beautiful!


Neth Mi

2 responses to “Juvia’s Place Saharan Blush Palette Vol I tutorial + review”

  1. I have the Nubian palette, and I love it. I want to try more from Juvia’s Place. Great review!

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  2. […] from Juvia’s Place (The Nubian 1 and The Mini Masquerade) and two ah-mazing! blush palettes: The Saharan Vol 1 and The Saharan Vol 2 (review coming next week) which I’m obsessed with right […]


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