Real life nose job done βœ… πŸ™€

Hi all,

Today I have the most exciting news to share with you! This is one of a kind post I guess.. I mean, I have no intention to go under the knife again unless it’s a life and death situation. (Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t that bad!)

Okay… I’ve sort of learned to ignore all the nasty comments on my nose (if you’ve been following me for a while, you know I had a hook nose) from school days and I started to love what I have as it is (or was) But then I found out that nose surgery is extremely popular in Turkey (my hubby has done it too) and it’s quite the norm to change your nose shape over here unlike in Sri Lanka. After thinking for over 2.5 years about whether to do it or not (been having second thoughts till the very last minute, literally) I was like, okay, let’s do this!

But again I want to say this loud and clear, that I did NOT do this because of social pressure or bullying or whatsoever. I did it purely because I wanted it. Period!

Day of the surgery:

On the day of the surgery I couldnt go on time and when he finally woke up I decided if I could still do it today, I’ll do it but if they’ve cancelled my operation and are going to postpone it, I’ll never do it.

Well, they did it. On that same day, but 4 hours later. The wait was painful and I was super nervous when they first took my blood and gave me saline because I didn’t eat anything from morning. They took me for surgery around 3pm I think and as I walked into the operation theatre, I felt like I was already in a dream. The last thing I remember is when I was lying on the surgical bed and someone injected me the anesthesia.

…You can add blank space here…. because my mind was a blank until I felt someone moving me (gently) onto another bed and I heard “it’s over, the surgery was successful” from somewhere near me. I didn’t dare to open my eyes. I felt nothing, no pain or anything. I was just so sleepy.

So that was it for the surgery. That same night I threw up blood twice (gross, I know but that was normal) and I only had a few teaspoons of soup. I was under saline and pain killers the whole time. I could only breathe from my mouth and it was so hard to do that because it made my mouth dry within seconds. 

The whole time I had ice on my face to prevent swelling. It also helped soothing my eyes and sleep better.

Day two

Today they discharged me from hospital. I was given antibiotics and seawater spray to clean my nose (which looks pretty scary right now!) There was so much blood under my nose around my nostrils that they’d clotted thick and black. 

I can eat normally from today, but breathing and eating from mouth is really harder than I expected. I cannot feel any taste but I had a small Turkish breakfast (sliced tomatoes, cucumber, white cheese, bread, butter and jam) 

My under eyes have started to swell slightly. In the evening I felt slight pain from the bottom of my nose (where I can now see the tiny stitches since I cleaned the blood carefully) I took painkillers and went off to bed. My mouth didn’t get as dry as previous night.

Day three

Today in the morning my nose felt super heavy (like when I have asthma) but I felt no pain. I checked with my doctor and he said it’s normal πŸ˜“ 

Still cannot feel any taste or smell anything! That’s the hardest part for me today.

I didn’t take any painkillers today. Kept cleaning my nosetrils with seawater spray.

Day four

Sleeping so much has made me so tired but I just want my plaster and the tampons to be taken off my nose. Yes, I have plastic tampons in my nostrils to prevent warping. These will be taken off on the 7th or 8th day. I’m praying to gods it’ll be on the 7th day since surgery! πŸ˜…

I’m eating as much fruits, veggies and meat as I can to help healing my nose. 

Day five

Swelling has reduced noticeably today. My face has got oily and my nose feels heavier than before. I can’t wait to take the tampons out! 

It gets harder to talk everyday. I think I’m so tired of breathing from the mouth. Absolutely no pain from nose though. No painkillers and still on antibiotics.

Day six

Today my face is completely back to normal (no more swelling!) and skin is drier again. Last night I washed my hair since the operation. I was careful enough not to let any water get near the plasters. 

I’m used to the plaster on my face and breathing from mouth is much easier than before. My friends say I look like a cartoon character right now. I’m having deeper dark circles, which will go away in about a week. 

I’m tired of hiding in our home. I want to remove the plaster and can’t wait to see my nose! 

Day Seven

I got rid of the plaster and tampons!!!! It didn’t hurt as much as I expected but the excitement of seeing my nose again made it less painful too! There are still some dissolving stitches inside my nose and I can finally smell and taste!

The shape is beautiful but you can’t see the final result yet. It takes up to one year to see it and right now my whole nose is very much swollen! 

My under eyes are darker than usual but it will be all gone in a few weeks.

Days Eight, Nine, Ten & Eleven

On these next four days I saw my swelling go down significantly and I started massaging gently with an anti-aging cream to help it retain the shape faster and better. From time to time I clean the nostrils with seawater spray and it hurts a bit only when I touch it. 

Today’s the eleventh day since surgery. And here’s how it looks like now:

The tip of my nose still needs massaging but overall I’m extremely happy with the whole difference! 

Only downsides:

  • No swimming for 2 months
  • No sunglasses for at least 6 months
  • Wear SPF all the time
  • No extreme cold or extreme hot showers 
  • No sleeping with face down
  • Avoid extreme sunlight or extreme cold winter 

The downsides are not that difficult at all. Only difficulty is not wearing sunglasses because it’s so hard in Sri Lanka to go out in the extreme heat and sunlight. I think I’d wear a hat πŸ˜‰

Anyway… I’ll keep posting you guys about any changes along the 1 year I have to wait πŸ™ˆ

I did my surgery at Yaşar Hospital in Bakirkoy, Turkey. 

Surgery time: 1.5 hrs approx

Recovery/Downtime: 1 week

Completed results: Approx 1 year

Pain: Mild (only when you touch)

Lasts: With good care, forever πŸ˜‰

Hope this post helps you!

See you soon!


Neth Mi

5 responses to “Real life nose job done βœ… πŸ™€”

  1. You look amazing before and after!! Xx

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    1. Thank you my dear 😘

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      1. You’re welcome x


  2. I love that you posted you story, like the comment above says, beautiful before and after!


    1. Thank you so much! πŸ’•


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