My picks from Tarte new collection

These two products I’m going to review for you today were definitely not on my to-buy list when I went to Singapore 2 weeks ago. I was mainly targeting skincare and a bunch of products from Sephora Collection, but the Tarte isle was sooo attractive this time with so many new products shining and whispering to me, “come, take me home”
Particularly the limited edition magic wands brush set! 

Well, guess what?


Okay, moving on to the next product…

Ready, set, radiant skin mist

Price: US$ 25.00

Not that I needed another setting spray, I mean I’m quite content with my beloved MAC Fix + (which is also not exactly a setting spray. It’s more like a fixing spray) I wanted to try something new & different to review here. It’s not often that I get my hands on brand new products to rave about here. Can I rave about this?

It smells amazing. I think it’s perfect for summertime because it feels so refreshing to spray this on your face on a hot, humid day. It smells like cucumber!! 

What exactly is it? According to Tarte, it’s a vegan hypoallergenic skin mist that works as a hydrating skin & makeup refresher in one lightweight mist. While it does hydrate my skin and the cucumber smell automatically refreshes my whole mood, I don’t like how splotchy this thing sprays. May be I’ve got a dud spray pump but I expected it to be more of a mist (like it’s supposed to be) than a sprinkler because this also makes it feel slightly heavy. I don’t know if it’s just my mind playing tricks because I hate how it sprays! 

So this too is NOT a setting spray. It’s rather a skin mist that you can spray on as you wish throughout the day, with or without makeup. 

I have mixed feelings about this product. I love how refreshing it smells and feels overall but I wish it was more misty. 

On the plus side, it has cucumber and apple extract, tea seed and eucalyptus lead oils in it. 

Tastiest PRO limited edition glitter liner in Rose Gold

This was an impulsive buy. When I see rose gold AND glitter together, there’s no thinking twice! 

Price: US$ 24.00

This has two sides, one with rose gold glitter top coat and the other a metallic high pigment shimmer. Think liquid rose gold! YUM!

You can use both of them alone or together. I love the metallic side more because it’s so fluid and beautiful!

I applied this on my entire lid without any primers and it stayed on my lid the whole day without creasing or fading! I’m so in love with this product, but kinda sad that it’s limited edition. 

If you love rose gold, this is a must-have!

I skipped the eyeshadow palette and the highlighters in the same collection and since the brushes were sold out, I could pick only 1 from the “Make Believe in Yourself” collection with the skin mist. I wasn’t keen to spend 20$ on a turquoise lipstick and I’m not very happy with their eyeshadow formula too. I think the rose gold liner is everybody’s fav out of all too. 

Hope this review helps you…

See you soon!


Neth Mi

5 responses to “My picks from Tarte new collection”

  1. That ready set radiant looks so nice! Loved this post. xxx


  2. This is a lovely post, love the rose gold look so much at the moment❤️

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    1. Thank you so much 😘 yes I love anything with rose gold!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s the prettiest!! X


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