Eyes on MAC: Navy Times Nine 

Yesterday I posted my review on MAC Amber Times Nine Palette. Today I have the second Eyes on MAC palette: Navy Times Nine

The size, the packaging, price and everything is as same as Amber Times Nine. Here are the swatches:

I wish Silver Fog & Blonde Mink were a bit more different to each other.

Dry shadows: Blonde Mink & Black Tied

Good pigmentation: Copper Plate, Cloudscape, JG Grey, Mulled Over & Cast Iron

Club is a beautiful duo chrome, which is slightly on the drier side but works well when you apply with your fingers.

Overall thoughts: Most colours have good pay-off but they need a lot of work. They’re all buildable and overall I can give an “okay” to this palette. I know there’re better quality palettes out there. Unless you can rock some cool tone eyeshadows, you don’t need this palette. 

Hope this review helps you..

See you soon,


Neth Mi

8 responses to “Eyes on MAC: Navy Times Nine ”

  1. Cast iron looks gorgeous!! Never tried MAC eyeshadow before, thanks for the review 💗

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    1. You’re welcome hun! Not all MAC eyeshadows are good.. make sure you swatch them before you buy 😉😉 xx

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      1. Haha I’ll bare that in mind then xi

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  2. The colors are so beautiful! I love cool tone eyeshadows when going out in the night! They look so gorgeous on. Gives it the whole night time look. 💖

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    1. That’s great! I can never pull off cool tone sadly 😩😩 thanks for stopping by! 💕💕

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      1. I feel like it makes my green eyes stand out a lot whenever I wear them!
        You’re welcome! 💖💖

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    1. Thank you! 💕💕

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