MAC Fruity Juicy picks

I hardly miss MAC’s summer collections because I think their packaging is the best every year! (I wasn’t very pleased with last year’s collection though) This time around it’s all about the tropics!

MAC Fruity Juicy has:

  • 4 lipsticks
  • 4 creamsheen glasses
  • 3 eyeshadow palettes
  • 2 bronzers
  • 2 sculpting powders
  • 1 pearlmatte face powder 
  • 2 brushes
  • 1 makeup bag
  • 1 limited edition Fix +

The packaging: Is a commotion of fruits! It’s fruits, flowers and more fruits! The outside box is so beautiful I’m having a hard time throwing them (I normally keep them with me for a few weeks then as my makeup collection keeps growing I end up throwing them to save some space) The product itself has the same array of fruits and flowers printed too, which is exactly what we all want from LE products!

The range: Is all about warm tones. Thank you MAC! There are warm pinks, purples, corals and bronze. When I look at the collection, all I can think about is sipping a pina colada with a hibiscus on my hair, sunbathing somewhere exotic like in a movie. The whole range is wearable, but since I already have many of the colours in my makeup wardrobe, I went for just 2 things that I felt like I can’t live without 🙈

(L-R Calm Heat, Shy Girl, Si Si Me, Love at First Bite)

Si, Si, Me- Satin lipstick

Out of the 4 gorgeous lipsticks, I picked the purplish shade “Si, si, me” because it’s quite unique and I don’t already have this colour with me. It’s a satin finish that glided on your lips so beautifully. The formula is the same you get from all satin lipsticks from MAC. 

Oh my passion- Pearlmatte Face Powder

Is this a blush, bronzer or a highlighter? You can use it for all I think. I dont need another bronzer or a blush (or highlighter) but it was tooo darn cute to resist! You can use a small brush apply the colours individually as well as all mixed together. 

(In the far right corner you can see all the colours mixed together) 

If you’re beginning to collect makeup, this is a gorgeous collection inside out. Even if you’re in two minds, do check them out because I know these are gonna sell out quickly!

I got my picks from Capacity Mall, Bakirkoy. 

Hope this review helps you!

Can’t wait for summer now 🙈


Neth Mi


4 responses to “MAC Fruity Juicy picks”

  1. You are right! I have never seen packaging this detailed and beautiful from any other brand!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Did you get anything from this collection hun? Xx


      1. Unfortunately, I have not! I’ve seen people sharing their unboxings in past years but didn’t even know about this collection, but I’m glad to be in the know now!


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