NARS Loaded Eyeshadow palette review

Hi beauty lovers!

I’m so excited to review my first ever NARS 12-pan Eyeshadow palette for you, which is “Loaded”, a limited edition summer palette that came out last month. 

I’ve always loved NARS eyeshadows (the dual intensity shade Himalia is my go-to everyday shade!) and when I saw this on social media I knew I had to get this somehow! 

Price: US$ 59.00 (I bought this from Singapore for SGD 87.00 with tax deducted)

The outside packaging is so gorgeous and screams luxury in a very NARS way! (By that I mean it doesn’t look Tom Ford-luxury or Chanel-luxury) Its top is fully mirrored with a sepia-ish filter and you get all the shade names in the back of the palette (black same old plastic in the back)

You get a full size mirror inside and the inside is so beautiful because it’s filled with 12 warm eyeshadows!

I know these colours are nothing new, and so many brands have come up with similar colour ranges in their more affordable eyeshadow palettes too. But what makes Loaded different from everything else is the formula. It’s the smoothest formula ever. You have to touch and feel it go on like bu-ttah on your skin! I was a little taken aback because of the high price point but when I swatched at the NARS counter I was sold in a millisecond! 

Pigmentation, consistency:

All colours have excellent pigmentation. There’s not a single dud in this palette and these shades are so beautiful for everyday wear. I have nothing bad to say about this palette. I’m so in love and I have a mini orgasm every time I use them haha!

Overall thoughts: Love, love, love this palette. I’m so glad I bought this because I can only wear warm shadows and these are right up my alley, specially for summer time. It is pricey, but you get what you pay for. If you love NARS and you don’t mind splurging, definitely pick this up and you won’t be disappointed. 

Hope this review helps you…

See you soon,


Neth Mi

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  1. Such a beautiful palette 💜😍

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