NARS x Charlotte Gainsbourg mini review

Hey Narsissists! 

Today I had the opportunity to preview the upcoming summer collaboration of NARS x Charlotte Gainsboug collection at the NARS counter in Robinsons (Singapore) This collection is launching here in Singapore on the 1st of May and I thought how perfect it is to give you guys a heads up before you run to Robinsons this Monday! 

Packaging: Is gorgeous as always with limited edition NARS collections. It’s minimal, luxurious and this time around the letters are in a beautiful pale gold shade. I do wish they’d change the rubberized surface because they attract dirt like hell! Still, it’s beautiful outside so let’s see if it’s worth the money for the inside too 🙂

This collection has:

  • 3 lip glosses
  • 3 multiples
  • 3 kohliners 
  • Hydrating glow tints in 4 shades (fair to medium-dark)
  • 2 velvet matte lip pencils
  • 2 eyeshadow duos

I was able to swatch the above products from the collection for you… 

Here are the swatches:

I was on the go so had to make really quick swatches (I’m sorry they’re not my typically neat swatches)

Multiple Tints: On the very top (pic 1) you can see the Multiple Tints in Jo, Jeanette and Alice. Jo is a good for very fair skin but Jeanette and Alice are great for all skin tones. They’re very sheer but buildable too. 

Kohliners: Below the Multiple Tints are the 3 kohliners in Zinc (slate grey), Cours du Soir (moss green) and Nuit D’Encre (deep midnight blue) They are so smooth and highly pigmented. 

Lip glosses: I was having really high hopes for these but as you can see only the first swatch is opaque. The shades are Èphàlide, Promise & Double Decker. Promise looked promising from the outside but had very sheer pigmentation. Double Decker was the poorest, which is a shame because it looks so beautiful from the outside. 

Eyeshadow Duos: The top one is Old Church Street and bottom is Rue Allent. I love NARS eyeshadows and these are so velvety and highly pigmented and easily blendable. 

I couldn’t swatch the Hydratint Glow Tints because my shade was not in stock. 

Overall thoughts: I’m honestly a bit disappointed with this collection because it didn’t impress me as much as I expected. The packaging is beautiful but the colours are somewhat boring. If you were to pick something from this collab, go for the kohliners or eyeshadow duos because I feel like they’re worth your money. The lack of pigmentation was a total let down for me on the lip glosses because the colours look so beautiful from the outside. I wouldn’t pay so much for such sheer product that is not even buildable. (Tried many layers of Double Decker but it was still super sheer)

If you’re a die-hard narsissist, still check out the collection this coming Monday and decide for yourself 🙂 I didn’t buy anything from this collection and went to straight to buy the Narsissist Loaded Eyeshadow palette (review coming next week) 

Special thanks to Nigel at Robinsons NARS counter for being so helpful during the preview…

Hope this review helps you

I’ll see you soon!


Neth Mi

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  1. Oh my god the packaging is just on point, it’s gorgeous & the colours too! Great post! 🙂

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