Worth the hype: Jeffree Star “Androgyny” palette

“Androgyny” is my first ever purchase from Jeffree Star brand. I’ve heard so much of mixed reviews about his first eyeshadow palette, “Beautykiller” and while I decided to pass on that, Androgyny was definitely hard to resist.

He launched this about a month ago and I immediately ordered it because I knew it’ll be sold out within hours. And it did, at least on Beauty Bay! (Still available on his website though) So is it worth the hype? Let’s see!


Similar to Beautykiller, Androgyny comes in an extremely slim pink leather-ish packaging with a very large and clear mirror inside. The pan sizes are generous as he explained that he doesn’t want his followers to run out of product soon. It’s lightweight and looks so beautiful!

Price: US$ 45.00

I must say, this is one of the most beautiful palettes I own, inside out. It’s cruelty-free and comes with 2 finishes: 8 super mattes and 2 metallics.


Colour selection: Jeffree says this is a neutral palette. Well, you may disagree but the top row IS neutral. The bottom row has 5 gorgeous (very autumnal) pops of colour. I love the colour selection in this palette. You have a couple shades to throw on the crease as we all expect in any eyeshadow palette (Safe Word and Charm) a nice golden highlight (Frosting) a few dark shades for smoking it out (Dominatrix, Swallow) and pops of colour (Androgyny, Deja Vu, Fetish, Poison) and oh, that green was calling out to me! Yeah, Military is a very unique shade! My only complain is that Poison and Swallow look too similar. I mean, he could’ve easily put a completely different colour there for extra fun because you can’t really see a big difference once you apply them on the eyes.


Pigmentation: All colours (specifically the two metallics) have amazing pigmentation. They had no fall-outs and they blended beautifully just like my ABH shadows do. They feel a bit powdery to touch but they have really good quality. The only colour that has a teeny bit less pigmentation is Androgyny, but a couple strokes can solve that problem easily.

Nisha and I will be doing two tutorials on this palette soon, so stay tuned to our YouTube channel!

I highly recommend this palette if you love makeup! Go grab yours before it’s sold out!


Neth Mi








4 responses to “Worth the hype: Jeffree Star “Androgyny” palette”

  1. this palette look GORG ! iv never tried it but looks very pigmented. great review hun =P

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    1. Thanks darling! Yes amazing palette definitely worth the hype 💕💕

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