Vlog: Girls’ getaway at Jetwing St. Andrew’s

Hey loves,

I apologize for not spending much time on this space since I’ve been very busy with many personal things (which you will get to know pretty soon!) and I have my first ever vlog here for you!

Last Saturday I went to Nuwaraeliya, a beautiful mountainous town in the central portion of Sri Lanka with two of my girlfriends from work (don’t like the word colleague because they’re closer to me than that) The trip was planned in the last minutes as all three of us wanted a getaway from our busy lives and of course, the unbearable heat in Colombo!

April is usually a hot month in Sri Lanka as sun shines right on top of us. It’s also one of the major month for vacation as we celebrate Sri Lankan New Year on the 14th so generally, almost everyone goes on holidaying during this period of the year. Usually it’s hard to book good hotels this season, but my bestie Nithya somehow got us a Triple room on Full Board at the beautiful Jetwing St. Andrew’s hotel in the heart of Nuwaraeliya.

We took the Colombo-Nuwaraeliya bus at around 7:00am at Fort Bus Stand but got off about three quarter of the way because the bus was taking a longer time than we expected. From Peradeniya (a town a little before Kandy) we got a taxi to the hotel and it cost only 3200/- for the two-hour ride up the hills. We were quite surprised that we managed to get a “Pick Me” (Uber was not available in Kandy) and our driver was very helpful and pleasant.

We arrived at St. Andrews around 3:15pm and the first thing we noticed was how beautiful the weather was! Such a contrast from the crazy heat from Colombo, yet sunny enough to enjoy the outside with regular summer clothes.

The staff was extremely friendly and the food was nice too. We recommend trying the cheese toast here if you order from all-day snack menu. Their chocolate cake is also great as it’s not too sweet and goes perfectly well with either a cup of hot chocolate or coffee.

We were so attracted to the well manicured garden that we stayed the entire time there, taking videos and pictures. Unfortunately, all the clips I got from my handy-cam got deleted (I can’t access anything from the HDD) so for the little vlog below, I had to use only the few clips I recorded from my iPhone 6s. Luckily, my other girlfriend Sajee had a few clips of the room to add to this video since all that footage got lost from my handy-cam.

We came back to Colombo on the next day, leaving Nuwaraeliya around 1:50pm.

If you’re planning to stay in Nuwaraeliya, we highly recommend checking up Jetwing St. Andrew’s. It’s a beautiful, serene place where you can enjoy the gorgeous mountain weather in peace. It’s also located very close to the Nuwaraeliya bus stand (in case you’re road-tripping like us)

Hope you enjoy our little vlog…

Happy Sri Lankan New Year!


Neth Mi

P.S. This is not a sponsored post.

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