Minnie Handmade Jewelry shoot

About 2-3 weeks ago I had the opportunity to collaborate with Minnie, one of the most creative sustainable jewelry brands in Sri lanka for their latest collection’s photoshoot. Having worked with Minnie before (created by Deeandra Bulner, my batch-mate from university ) I knew I’d have my maximum freedom to create the makeup looks for this shoot as Dee believes in expressing our individualty through her brand.

The shoot consisted of three models (including me), a travelling photographer who shoots mainly on film (what a refreshment from all the digital cameras shooting at you!) a stylist (also from my uni batch) and the makeup artist, who is also me 😉

  • Brand: Minnie
  • Photographer: Ashini Nanayakkara
  • Models: Arunika, Paba, Neth Mi
  • Stylist: Sesha

I generally do about 30-40 shoots a year, and I must say this was the most relaxed shoot I’d done up to that date! We started makeup around 7:30 with the two models and the stylist helped with the hair.

For Arunika: I used the burgundy and orange shades from Modern Renaissance palette on the eyes, finished with clear lip gloss to make it more editorial, inspired by some of the runway makeup looks. Her pout was done with Colour Pop Ultra Matte shade “Mama”, which is a nice red paprika shade to compliment the monotonous look. We left her hair natural, to give the whole look a bit undone finish.

Paba: Has gorgeous chocolate skin and I used very less base on her. I only used colour corrector “Pure Orange” from MAC topped with concealer to match her beautiful dark skin. (Used the concealer palette 2 from BH Cosmetics) On her lips I used Gerard Cosmetics Ruby Slipper, a gorgeous wine red with red micro glitter that hardly shows up)

For me: I mainly focused on my eyes and used a black base as a primer to brighten the turquoise shade “Pegasus” from Makeup Geek.  I paired it with a nude lip (MAC Kinda Sexy) and my hair was either loose or messily done in a top know for a few shots.

Ashini’s photography: was fabulous and a really fresh take to every shoot I’ve done before. TBH, I’d never worked with a photographer who used film for a photoshoot so it was quite mesmerizing to watch her capture the natural light that was patching up on our faces and jewelry. Check out her Instagram to see more magic she creates on film!

I’ve known Sesha for her eclectic manner in styling. She paired the clothing and the jewelry in the most avant-garde way, adding a bit of her personality to it as was expected by Minnie.

Finally, let’s talk about Minnie’s jewelry… Her jewelry collection is diverse, bold and handcrafted using recycled material. This collection had chokers, earrings and necklaces… Check out her Instagram page and Facebook page for more details 🙂

(Above: The designer Deeandra with model Arunika)

The faces are not retouched by the way so you can see how exactly the makeup looked on that day!

Happy Monday!


Neth Mi

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