Mixing high and low pieces to look effortlessly cool

Hi beauties,

I’m sharing you with my outfit earlier I wore today for work (luckily I work for a creative company that allows us to dress the way we want! I cannot imagine me wearing formal attire everyday!) and it was a perfect mix of high-end and high-street pieces…

I got this simple lightweight ribbed cami from Asos. I think it’s a great neutral piece to have in anybody’s wardrobe. You can style it with many colours too.

My jeans: Are from Levi’s. I fell in love with the brand when I did a project for them back in university and Levi’s has always been a favorite in my jeans collection. These jeans are light and stone washed, so I love the overwall worn-out effect it has! It’s super stretchy and skinny.

My asymmetric cardigan: Is from this Turkish high-street brand named Koton. it’s like a local H&M that has amazing deals! I love this blush shade. I think it goes well with the whole pastel/neutral colour palette!

This is my favorite choker from local brand Limited Edition: Check out their website for cool, affordable jewelry delivered to your doorstep if you live in Sri Lanka!

Now I’m coming to my 2 high-end pieces. I love them as they are timeless (from their signature lines) and they can be worn with any outfit too. 

My sunnies: Are from Gucci. I bought these cat-eye/retro shades from Switzerland about 2 years ago. They’re a bit oversized and I freaking love them!

My bag: Is a classic Burberry crossbody my fiancĂ© gifted me 2 years ago too. It’s a very practical small bag that you can put your essentials in (Right now I have my wallet, phone charger, car keys and lipstick inside) 

What do you think about this look? Let me know your thoughts…

Have a great week ahead!


Neth Mi

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