L.A.Girl HD Concealers in Beautiful Bronze & Creamy Beige review

Concealers, concealers!!! Cannot have enough of those, seriously!

From high-end to drugstore, I’ve tried and used very many concealers in my life and I’ve found good and bad stuff from both ends, but I haven’t had time to really sit down and write about all of them for you… I’m gonna start it now, and I’ll do so with a drugstore brand that’s highly popular from YouTubers to celebrity makeup artists!


I got these L.A.Girl concealers over a year ago, and I’ve used these ever since on almost all skin types (oily, normal, dry, combination, etc…) so I think I’ve got (more than) enough experience with these concealers to write a fair review. I’ve been using Creamy Beige as a concealer and a highlighter (under the eyes, forehead, nose and chin- you know the highlighting map) and Beautiful Bronze as a bronzer/warm contour shade.

These L.A. Girl concealers have 28 colours in total:

  • 21 concealers
  • 6 colour-correctors
  • 1 highlighter

Price: US$ 5.00

Creamy Beige

This is one of the popular shades (like NARS Custard and Ginger shades from Radiant Creamy Concealer) that suits a lot of medium skin tones (I’ve used this on MAC NC35, NC37, NC40, NC41, NC42, NC45 colour range, if that makes sense to you) It’s not to yellow or too pink, but for someone who doesn’t have heavy dark circles, this has enough coverage to colour-correct on its own.

Does it crack? If you moisturize and prime, it doesn’t crack or crease but if you have very dry skin, you may not need to set this with powder

Coverage: Build-able coverage and easy to blend. I use a micro mini BeautyBlender to blend this.

Beautiful Bronze

This is the other popular shade used for bronzing and contouring, but I think this is a bit too warm for contouring. It’s great for bronzing if you have medium skin tone (you can use the MAC reference I mentioned above)

Does it crack? No.

Coverage: Highly pigmented but you need to act fast with this as it dries very quickly. If you’re using this to contour, make sure you blend one side before applying on the other side. I use MAC 130 brush to blend this.

Final thoughts: I think these concealers are amazing for just US$5.00! If you’re on a budget definitely worth checking them. These are being used to by professional makeup artists too, and that says something you know!


What are you favourite drugstore concealers?

Let me know,


Neth Mi


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