MAC products for Dry skin + Dark circles

Hey everyone! Today I’m sharing my top products to help dry skin with heavy dark circles…

I have pretty bad dark circles, and this is mainly due to the sallowness in my under eye area (I really need some fillers TBH!) and as if that’s not enough, my skin is so dry and no matter what concealer I use, it starts creasing after a few minutes, so the solution lies within hydration (for all skin types, specifically dry!) and colour correction (for dark circles)

As you might know by now, colour correcting has been there for a looooooong time used by professionals in the beauty industry but it was the main focus last year as every cosmetic company was bringing new colour correcting products to the ever growing makeup universe. MAC has had color correctors for years, and as a makeup artist, I absolutely trust MAC for no-nonsense products from their permanent line. (I stopped splurging on their limited edition collections about a year ago)

I already have Magicosmetix Orange Concealer which I use only when I go for an event or something, but I used to do correct and conceal the way I posted in my previous article, “How to correct & conceal dark circles (Version 1)” for about 2 years now, until I noticed my skin was getting drier by the day, and no matter what concealer I use, my under eye makeup started creasing/settling into fine lines and getting super dry.

Last summer, I walked into a MAC store after deciding to buy then new Vibe Tribe collection to review here, but unfortunately it was still unavailable at that particular store  So with heavy disappointment at that time, I just walked around the store, trying to look for an inspiration and this really sweet sales-guy walked up to me and asked if I’d like to try one of their mascaras, which I reviewed over here and I’m still using that! So one thing led to another, he started sculpting my cheekbones with All The Right Angles Palette and then I confessed about my super dry under eye skin.

As a solution, he tried the following products on me:

  • MAC Fast Response Eye Cream
  • MAC Studio Finish Orange Concealer
  • MAC Prolong Wear Concealer (NC35)
  • MAC Prep+Prime Color Correcting Loose Powder in Illuminate (which I will talk about in a later post)

I must say, my under eye area has never looked so smooth and perfect before, even after 8 hours since application!


Fast Response Eye Cream: Is a caffeinated cream that de-puffs, firms and erases dark circles and fine lines. I have never heard anyone talk about this! WHY???? In my opinion, MAC has some good moisturizers (My favorite is Mineralize Timecheck Lotion as I’m already on my 5th bottle) I applied this after my moisturizer and primer (L’Oreal Lumi Magique Base Primer) under the eyes and let it set for a while (I did my eyebrows in the meantime)

Price: US$ 31.00 It is kinda pricey because you get only 15ml, but trust me, this product works! After I started applying this, the fine lines and creasing in my eye area has ceased so I can really recommend this product for such problematic skins.

Studio Finish Orange Concealer: Is a specially tinted, full-coverage corrector for dark circles or any kind of blue-ish areas. I use this with MAC 217 brush in a very light hand in swirling motions under eyes. You don’t need to be generous with this. Apply a thin layer because the thinner your makeup is, the less it will crease or cake up.

Price: US$19.00 For this price, it’s fully worth I believe because you need very little and I’ve been using these little pots for years and they hardly finish! I love the formula of this corrector. It’s really smooth and pigmented. Definitely recommend this one!

Pro Longwear Concealer: Is a fluid concealer that provides medium to full matte coverage for upto 15 hours. I stopped using this after this concealer also started to look too dry and dull, even though it didn’t really crease. But once you apply it over the eye cream and the corrector and set it with the below powder, this gives the smoothest look to your under eye. Love, love, love!

Price: US$21.00 I think this is also pricey because this product finishes fast! You need extremely small amount to cover a large area (used the Micro Mini Beauty Blenders to apply and blend this) but the pump delivers way more product than necessary so be careful when you pump it out.

Final thoughts: This combo is so great for dry skin with heavy dark circles… make sure you hydrate your under eye no matter what type of skin you have (oily or dry) and colour correcting definitely helps eliminate dullness around under eye.

I really hope this post would help anyone that has similar problems with under eye area! Let me know if there are any more hidden gems in MAC that deserve more spotlight from us bloggers!

See you soon!


Neth Mi


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