MAC x Mariah Carey Collection review

Happy New Year everyone!

I couldn’t wait for 2016 to end and so did my fiancé because it was such a crazy year with a few ups and a lot of downs. However, we managed to meet up to celebrate the end of 2016 (it was crazy to buy last minute plane tickets from Istanbul to Colombo) and he brought so many surprise gifts for me too! Among them were a few picks (well, TBH the only things that were not sold out) from MAC x Mariah Carey Holiday 2016 collection.

At first when he told me about this I wasn’t very sure because so far I was not very impressed by MAC’s recent collaborations. MAC is definitely one of my favourite brands as a makeup artist (plus we get the pro discount!) but I normally steer away from their limited edition collections, because I feel like there’s nothing exciting beyond the packaging when it comes to product quality and colour selection.

But Mariah Carey is my favourite singer from high school days (I couldn’t stop listening to The Emancipation of Mimi those days) and I always adored her glamorous style and personality, not to mention the legendary vocal range. For the first time in a long time I wanted to buy a few pieces just because it’s designed by one of my favourite singers, and of course the packaging looked fabulous.

I received 3 products as New Year gifts from my fiancé, and I must say I can’t stop staring at them. I also can’t believe I own them because these babies are sold out everywhere as far as I know!

What catches your eyes first is the gorgeous metallic packaging. It’s designed with true holiday essence in mind, and the colours are very neutral and super wearable for everyday. (Normally I throw the boxes away, but I will keep these because they’re hands down the best MAC packaging since the Alluring Aquatic in 2014) I also did a tutorial using all these products so scroll down if you want to watch it first!


All outer boxes are: Made of two-tone matte champagne gold and silvery glitter cardboard with Mariah’s signature in rose gold. The glitter doesn’t come off the boxes too.

The product containers carry: The same concept of silver glitter and matte champagne gold with Mariah’s signature. Seriously, it cannot get any more glamorous and festive than this!

Bit of Bubbly Lipstick

I swear I won’t use this! It’s too gorgeous to use! The tube is all-over silver glitter with a very smooth finish when you touch, and has a gorgeous butterfly engraved on the bullet.

It’s a cremesheen finish (meaning more pigment and creaminess) and the shade is a soft pinky nude. It’s a tad bit too light for my skintone (NC41 right now) but it’ll be great to top off in the middle of the lips for plump look.

Mariah is always known for wearing nude lipsticks, and this one is a keeper for sure!

Price: US$ 20.00 (A little bit higher than a regular MAC lipstick, but it’s so worth it for the ultra-gorgeous packaging!)

So Dramatique Pro Longwear Lip Pencil

The perfect mid-90s deep brown colour comes as a Pro Longwear Lip Pencil, covered in smooth silver-glitter and matte champagne gold cap again. It has a slight sheen to it, and is perfect to apply all over the lips and top with Bit of Bubbly too. The colour is very unique, yet very Mariah 🙂

Price: US$ 22.00


I’m That Chick You Like Eyeshadow Quad

I’m not a big fan of MAC eyeshadows as they always come off a bit dry and less pigmented, but this quad was an exception for less pigmentation. 3 of the shades still felt dry but they performed surprising well, making it a product worth buying after all.

The packaging has a clear lid, magnetised closure on smooth champagne gold plastic that still looks and feels luxurious with the silver glitter frame on top. The shades are so beautiful yet neutral. One would argue there’s nothing special about the colours but they’re so beautiful and blend effortless as you apply on your eyes. The shadows come in 3 different finishes:

  • Whenever You Call (Veluxe Pearl finish- Pale yellow gold with excellent colour pay off. Great to apply on the inner corners, brow bone or even to lightly dab on the centre of the lid to bring instant light to your eye look)
  • Can’t Escape Me (Satin finish- Neutral nude colour with a little bit dryer formula. Good to apply as transition if you have medium to dark skin)
  • Golden Petals Scattering (Frost finish- Deep taupe with gold frost, and again a bit dry but performs well when you apply with your fingers)
  • How You Thrill Me (Satin finish- This has the most amount of pigmentation from the entire squad. This has a dry formula too but it blended beautifully and is great to apply as a soft eyeliner too)

This palette performed beyond my expectation, and is slightly similar to the Dior Earth Reflection palette but so less in price 🙂


Price: US$ 33.00


You can take a million pictures of these products. They’re so luxurious and extremely wearable for every day and I think it’s a highly successful collaboration in a long time (except perhaps MAC x Selena) If you’re in doubt, I highly recommend you to check it out again. All products I bought are totally worth the money and if I could, I would buy the rest of the collection too!

Wish you a year full of glitter and happiness ahead!


Neth Mi

P.S. Here’s the tutorial I did using all three products above!

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