Newly launched: The Body Shop Skin Defence review

A month and a half ago, I was invited to yet another product launch at the local Body Shop (flagship store in Fairline Building) and it was in the middle of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Runways too. Somehow I managed to squeeze visiting the launch into my busy fashion week schedule, and I wasn’t disappointed!

It was one of those days when Colombo weather decides to pour down every 5 minutes, but the beautiful pink deco inside the shop was so warming to us invitees that we immediately forgot about the gloom outside. On one corner there was a chair with huge angel wings that propped as a Photo Booth, where everyone could strike a happy pose with the newly launched product in their hands. After a brief introduction to The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi-protection (their version of sun protection cream) we were given some delicious pink cupcakes and pink macaroons with matching pink guava & strawberry drink!

So let’s talk about the product…

Price: LKR 7200.00 (40ml)

I love how slim this packaging is! You can easily slip this into your smallest handbag šŸ™‚

The product boasts of having several anti-oxidants to help protect skin from not only the harmful UV rays, but other environmental pollution that we face every day. Living more than half my time in Colombo, where fresh air is scarce and harsh sunlight is plentiful, this product sounds amazing for daily wear. It also contains red-algae and Vitamin C to brighten your complexion.

What I love about Skin Defence:

  • It’s very lightweight. It’s one of the lightest sun creams I’ve used.
  • It has SPF 50  (It’s funny how it’s kinda hard to find SPF 50+ sun protection here in Sri Lanka… I think we need like SPF 500++ lol!)
  • It absorbs pretty fast without leaving any white streaks on the skin
  • It’s makeup-friendly. You can load up your makeup game on top of this and there’s no difference!
  • It gives a nice glow to my otherwise dry skin. (Oily girls may need to make a note on this)
  • It has a very light floral scent which I like (Depends on how sensitive you’re to scents)

So far this has worked nicely on me. I was wearing this on one of the hottest days at the beach working on a photoshoot and it didn’t feel greasy or oily on my face. (The glow was there, though)

I love this product and I recommend it specially if you live near the equator like me and/or if you have dry skin šŸ™‚

I’ll see you soon,


Neth Mi



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