Worth the hype? Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette

Let’s talk about Holy Grail palette today… It’s always out of stock but there’re mixed reviews out there, and so many people compare it with the Modern Renaissance Palette from Anastasia so all in all, this palette managed to create a lot of hype within a few months since its first release.

So far, Violet Voss has released only 3 pre-made palettes that are all sold out (but they come back in stock from time to time except for Laura Lee palette):

Holy Grail has 20 eyeshadows in total that’s divided into:

  • 8 mattes
  • 10 shimmers
  • 2 foils

The palette leans towards warm, burgundy tones mixed with a few gold and orange accents and a healthy does of basic transition shades.

The packaging: Is as same as Violet Voss x Laura Lee palette (and Drenched Metal palette) with the same lightweight cardboard container/magnetic closure and a good sized mirror inside. The mirrored lid can be fully folded down and to me this is basic, but great light-weight packaging ideal for travel.

Price: US$ 45.00

Here are the swatches:

All the colours have excellent pigmentation, and they apply beautifully with both fingers and brushes. I didn’t experience any duds in this palette and they’re a few shades here that I’m sure I’ll hit pan pretty fast!

At a glance you may think it’s not too wearable for everyday, but if you mix shadows from the top 3 rows you can create so many beautiful day time appropriate looks.

Comparisons Modern Renaissance Palette:

There’s a lot of comparisons going on with Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette, but honestly I don’t find a striking similarity between these palettes except that both have warm, burgundy tones.

  • Prices: HG is US$45.00 & MR is US$42.00
  • Number of shadows: HG has 20 & MR has only 14
  • Similar colours: I’ve swatched the only few shades that look similar here:


  • The best match is Vermeer and Ploof, and next comes Venetian Red and Wine N Dine. Primavera and Cool Beans have a tonal difference as well as Burnt Orange and R U Kitten Me. The two orange shades are worlds apart (Realgar is a lot darker and Hashtag is more of a pumpkin orange) Everything is very different in these two palettes.
  • Quality: Apparently (according to Stephanie Nicole from YouTube) MR has more quality ingredients than HG.
  • Application: Both apply extremely well. MR is slightly too buttery and has a LOT of fallouts and HG is slightly into a drier, powdery side but blend really well with almost no fallouts.

It’s hard for me to pick one out of these two palettes. MR has a lot of unique shades like Golden Ochre, Raw Sienna, Realgar and Antique Bronze but in all honesty, I sometimes struggle to create too many different looks from MR palette. Sometimes they all end up looking the same. (Shades like Raw Sienna, Burnt Orange make no difference once applied on the eye, and so do shades like Venetian Red, Love Letter and Red Ochre)

On the other hand, HG palette can create many different looks and zero fallouts is a huge plus for me. There’re 6 more shadows in HG and the palette is slim and lightweight. So out of these two palettes, I think I would pick Holy Grail Palette.

So final big question. Is it worth the hype? Yes it is. If you’re into the burgundy eyeshadow trend, definitely purchase this and you will love it!

I hope this review helps you…

See you soon!



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    Great post! Very informative about these palettes xx


    1. Thank you very much! 💕

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