Violet Voss x Laura Lee palette review


I finally managed to buy Violet Voss x Laura Lee palette, which was released this summer but sold out quite fast that I almost lost hope in ever getting my hands on it. I love Laura Lee’s quirky style on YouTube, and I’ve seen this palette at my BFF Nisha’s makeup stash so I knew I had to get it somehow, because the colours are just gorgeous!

This is limited edition, and it appeared on Beauty Bay a few weeks ago. I grabbed it the next second so I think if you’re really keen, you can still find this palette online. This has a lot of mixed reviews, but I wasn’t hesitant to buy as I had already seen and used it as I mentioned before. My friend Nisha has all 3 palettes from Violet Voss including this, and I was on a mission to find this and make it mine!

What I love about Laura Lee palette:

  • It’s extremely lightweight (great for travel)
  • It has a fairly large mirror inside (mirrors in palettes do come handy for me)
  • About 99% of the shadows are warm
  • Proper balance of Mattes and Shimmers (10 each)
  • Excellent pigmentation on all eyeshadows
  • Colour selection is like made for just me! If I ever get a chance to make a palette, this is exactly I would make. There isn’t a single colour that I wouldn’t use.
  • It’s arranged from light to dark so I don’t have to depot them because I have OCD for colour arrangement!
  • Cute names that printed on the palette and they all have a story behind each name!

There’s nothing I don’t like about this palette. I feel like it’s made for me because I love warm eyeshadows!

Here are the swatches for you guys:


Price: US$ 45.00

also love that there’s a colour for everything from:

  • Really basic setting shade (shade: Basic as Laura mentioned on her video)
  • Transition (Priss Pot, Mama Bird, Raga Muffin, Britches and Friend)
  • Foils that are pretty comparable to MUG foils (Tickled Pink, Hissy Fit, Bitty, 1988 and Smashlee)
  • High shimmers (Sugah, Fleeky & Rammer Jammer)
  • Duo chromes (Larlee and Yoshi)
  • Dark matte and satiny shades to deepen your eye look (Alabama, Wiskers, Bubs and Lou)

A few combinations I’ve been loving from this palette:

  • Basic everyday eye:
    • Basic all over primer
    • Mama Bird on crease
    • Sugah on lid
    • Wiskers on outer corner
    • Tickled Pink on inner corner
  • Duo Chrome look:
    • Basic all over primer
    • Raga Muffin on crease
    • Yoshi on Lid
    • Rammer Jammer & Alabama on outer corner
    • Larlee on inner corner
  • Cranberry Fall look:
    • Basic all over primer
    • Rammer Jammer on crease
    • Bitty on lid
    • Alabama & Bubs on outer corner
    • Fleeky on inner corner

Hope this review helps you if you had any doubts about Laura Lee palette!


Neth Mi

p.s. I’m collaborating with Nisha to start our very own YouTube channel, and we’ll be reviewing Violet Voss x Holy Grail palette on one of our videos 🙂


5 responses to “Violet Voss x Laura Lee palette review”

  1. Ok. Why have I only just found your blog?! I love it, followed! 🙂 X

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    1. Hi love!! Thanks for following me!! Xx

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  2. All I ask for in a palette is smart color combos that let you work within just the palette and this one looks like its doing it! And fleeky looks like such an intense yellow gold that I feel like palettes usually skip out in favor of more toned down golds or champagnes! I love it!


    1. I cannot agree more! This is a really versatile palette do try to get it you will love it just like me 💕


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