Old or Gold? NARS Virtual Domination Cheek Palette

Hi all,

I’m starting a new series of “Old or Gold?” where I will be writing about some limited edition products that launched a few months (or a couple years) ago, and are now available for a discounted price. I want to share with you guys whether these products are just “old”, and therefore just skip it and save your money or whether they are so good and worth for the price (discounted or not) and you should grab the chance and buy because they are “gold” 😀

Today I’m reviewing NARS Virtual Domination palette, which limited edition back in 2014 and I managed to get it for a good price couple of months ago from allcosmeticswholesale.com



This palette contains 5 cheek products (some permanent/discontinued shades):


  • Miss Liberty (permanent)

This one is honestly a waste of space for me, unless I do an editorial makeup shoot because it’s super glittery, and I’m way past the time where I use glitter on my face even for Friday nights. It’s somewhat transparent, so you can apply it on top of blush, but the glitter particles are too big and it’s so not my type of a highlighter!

  • Sex Fantasy (discontinued?)

I don’t know who names these blushes! Haha! I like THIS Sex Fantasy, though. It’s a pale lavender pink, which is like the perfect cool toned blush for pale to medium skin. I love this blush so much because it compliments my warm olive skin, specially when I wear warm eyeshadows so it kind of balances out my make up tone-wise. The finish is matte, and it blends so beautifully just like any other NARS blush would do! I couldn’t find this blush for individual purchase on their site, so I’m guessing it’s discontinued as it was a part of Final Cut collection back in 2014 (I’m not sure, though! Do let me know if you see it at a NARS counter)

  • Deep Throat (permanent)

Seriously, who names these? 😀 Okay, I like Deep Throat. At least the NARS one haha!  I think it’s my favourite shade in this palette because it’s a beautiful rosy pink with subtle gold shimmer that gives a gorgeous natural glow to cheeks instantly. The shimmer is not overpowering (it’s more like a golden sheen) and the shade is just so perfect for any skin tone. I haven’t got the world famous Orgasm blush, but I think this one would do for me for now 🙂

  • Final Cut (discontinued?)

One of the 4 blushes from Final Cut collection in 2014, this blush too was not found on the site for individual purchase, which is kind of sad because it’s a really beautiful matte peach shade. While I try to stay away from peach blushes (peach is too warm for my skin unless it’s summer time) I love Final Cut because it gives a nice, subtle flush to my cheeks. It’s a great shade for medium skin tones, and it blends well and stays longer than other blushes I own.

  • Laguna (permanent)

I wanted to try this cult-classic bronzer for the longest time because, gawwwdddd! every blogger owns it and raves about it! I have their bronzer in Casino, and it’s hands down my favourite bronzer of all time, but TBH, Laguna disappointed me only because it doesn’t work on medium/tan skin. This will be beautiful on pale beauties for sure, and as I’m NC35 (medium) I will stick to Casino for a while…

Original price: US$ 65.00 I got this palette for US$ 49.99 from www.allcosmeticswholesale.com

Overall pigmentation: Was good except for Miss Liberty, which is anyway a colourless glitter bomb. All other shades have good colour payoff, and this palette would suit light/fair skin tones. Even though I have medium skin, I can still use the 3 blushes, and as I’m a makeup artist, I can make use of Laguna too on my fair skin clients.

Overall thoughts: I like this palette. I’m not in luuuuurve because 2 of the colours don’t work on me, but I still like it. The packaging is gorgeous, and I love the full size mirror inside. It’s a good palette for travel bugs like me.

Old or Gold? I think it’s gold, because you’re getting a lot of product for the price you pay, and 2 of the shades are not available for individual purchase anymore. Definitely gold for collectors out there, but if you have deeper skin than mine, this palette will not work for you…

Hope this review helps…

See you soon!


Neth Mi

9 responses to “Old or Gold? NARS Virtual Domination Cheek Palette”

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  3. I have the albatros highlighter and I feel like it’s just as glittery as miss lib, which is such a same for the price! I’ve just uploaded a new post that i’d love your opinion on xxx


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    1. Oh that’s sad… idk why they make glittery highlighters so not practical for everyday! I’ll check it hun thanks for dropping by 💕


      1. the makeup revolution pro illuminate is such an amazing and affordable highlight which isn’t glittery at all! you should try it! x

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      2. Will do love thanks for the tip 😉❤️


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