MAC Prep+Prime Highlighter: Bright Forecast review

Today I thought of writing about another one of my favourite products from MAC: Prep+Prime Highlighter pen in the shade Bright Forecast…

This is something that shouldn’t be confused as a concealer, as it is very sheer and is supposed to be used as a highlighter on top of another concealer or similar product. It adds radiance and is great for touch-ups.

Price: US$ 27.00 (3.6 ml / 0.12 oz)

This comes in 9 different shades, and the one I chose is Bright Forecast, meant to give radiance to olive under tones.

Why it’s great: 

  • Easy for touch-ups
  • Instantly brightens any sallow spots
  • Doesn’t get cake-y so it works well on dry skin
  • Travel friendly

I sometimes this instead of my typical cream highlighters. In the picture below you can see the difference of before and after using Prep + Prime Highlighter pen:

The only con this product has: Is the packaging. The twisting sometimes doesn’t give out any product so it can be a little frustrating. But once you get the stuff coming out, it works perfectly and settles into a beautiful satin finish

I recommend blending this with a BeautyBlender for a seamless finish…

It’s not a staple item, but if you like some extra radiance for a special occasion, you can try this highlighter 🙂

Happy Sunday everyone!


Neth Mi






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