Summer 2016 favourites!

Hi beauties!

Since summer is almost over, it’s time to round up our favourites of our favourite season! (Okay, I actually like Autumn and Spring a lot more. I think this is because for us Sri Lankans it’s an endless Summer here and we love a little break that isn’t extremely cold or hot)

Anyway, some of the items from my summer favourites this year have been out there for a while so they’re mainly permanent stuff you can buy throughout the year.

Let’s talk about hair/ skin care for a change, shall we?

Dove Dry Oil

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at ප.ව. 5.51.28

TBH, the past few months haven’t been the hottest in Sri Lanka (well, compared to that crazy heat wave we had in March and April before the equally crazy rains that caused serious floods in May) The heat was a bit moderate, but the humidity was still the same. So to keep the frizz and the dryness out of my bleached hair, I used Dry Oil from Dove I got this spring, and I love it!

How it worked: I applied two drops on damp hair (after towel dry) only to the ends to keep them shiny and looking healthy. This actually worked. My hair is generally not very frizzy, but the ends are quite damaged so this dry oil really worked to give them a healthier look.

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Body Scrub, Shower Gel and Body Butter

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at ප.ව. 5.51.17

I love the smell of green tea for hot summer days! It’s so calming and relaxing after a tiring day. I use this body scrub every week to exfoliate my whole body and the shower gel and body butter on a daily basis.

I gotta tell you, The Body Shop Body Butters are amazing! I have dry skin throughout the year and for hot and humid weather, these body butters work the same way they do in winter: meaning- they’re not greasy! (unless you workout) Definitely check the Green Tea range for a calming shower experience during and post!

MAC Comfort Cream

I’m a die hard fan of MAC Mineralize Timecheck Lotion, but I’ve run out of my 3rd bottle and I forgot to stock up when I was in Turkey 😦 Till I get my hands on the next bottle, I started using my mom’s MAC Comfort Cream, and I love it! It has a nice minty fragrance that I love! This also kept my face moisturised throughout the day, so it’s a new item in my favourites list.

Victoria’s Secret “Xo, Victoria” Eau de Parfum

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at ප.ව. 5.51.05

Honestly, this was a packaging-buy! But I’m so sad I had to leave the beautiful box in Turkey because I had zero luggage space for many of the stuff I bought there. (Hope my fiancé had not thrown it away!)

The bottle itself is so pretty and girly, and it’ll definitely brighten any vanity table! I love how fresh and floral this smells. I’ve been using it non-stop since May.

Moving on to makeup!

MAC Melba blush

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at ප.ව. 5.54.55

This bestseller is a must-have for everyone! It goes with every skin tone, and it’s screams summer as it is a beautiful muted coral pink in matte finish. I couldn’t stop wearing this blush everyday in the past few months. If you haven’t got MAC’s Melba, you need to add this to your shopping list!

Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette


You knew this was coming, right? If you read my full review here, you know it’s my favourite palette this season. I haven’t stopped using it ever since I got it. The shades are perfect for summer, and also great for autumn! Definitely worth checking this palette and I’m so glad it’s a permanent product from Anastasia.

Huda Beauty Liquid Lipsticks


I was super excited for Huda’s new liquid lipsticks because she made them available for worldwide shipping on her site! The formula is magically lightweight, and it lasted the whole freaking day! I know I mentioned it’s overpriced compared to Colour Pop (at least for Middle East and Asia) but I think I wouldn’t mind purchasing “Bombshell” because I’m gonna finish that colour pretty soon! I think this was one of the best launches this summer.

Here are a couple of fashion favourites…

The choker + Off shoulder tops/dresses


Omg, I think my favourite fashion come-back item is the choker! I was so young when this first came in the 90s and didn’t quite like it back then, but these modern chokers are every thing! I love pairing them with off-shoulder tops and dresses. I think this pair is so chic, and definitely tropical-weather friendly! (I got this choker from Almost every fashion brand has some nice off-shoulder tops and dresses and this was my favourite summer fashion piece this year!

Cropped, high waisted flare

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at ප.ව. 6.13.15

So this summer, cropped jeans were in. And so was high-waisted flared jeans. When these two characteristics were mixed together, they made the perfect pair of jeans for summer 2016! I love how stylish these Mango jeans look with any basic top you have. I added the platform black sandals because I LOVE them, and they go so well with cropped jeans! (Got those from Charles & Keith)

What are your summer favourites this year? Let me know!

I’m so ready for autumn… here we go!

Happy weekend!


Neth Mi





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