Worth the hype: Huda Beauty Liquid Lipsticks

The 29th of July was National Lipstick Day, and Huda Kattan kind of owned it with her latest release of liquid matte lipsticks, which were sold out within hours on her site: shophudabeauty.com


I was super lucky to order 3 of her best selling shades of the Lip Contours in Liquid Matte:

  • Bombshell
  • Venus
  • Gossip Gurl

Price: US$ 27.00 each for Middle East and Asia and USA and rest of the world is only US$ 20.00 (I really don’t understand this price difference, but whatever…)

So since I live Sri Lanka these days I had to pay US$ 27.00 for each lipstick, which summed up to US$ 81.00 and that is a whopping amount for just 3 products :/ However, if you spend more than US$ 75.00 shipping is free, so this kind of evened out the high price point for me.

Shipping: Is super awesome because I received my lippies on 3rd of August (They dispatched them on 2nd of August) They use FedEx to ship so you can track shipping too 🙂 update on shipping- please read PPS at the bottom of this article.

Packaging: I love the outer packaging with the sexy pout printed in the lipstick shade, but I feel like it’s still a bit bulky (I’m all about saving some paper, you know!) The container itself feels little heavy and luxurious with the frosty finish on the base and glossy black lid. I love the metallic fuchsia lettering too. Overall, I love this packaging though.

Formula, Pigmentation and Consistency: This is the lightest liquid lipstick formula I’ve ever tried! It’s a little bit watery, which makes you a bit nervous at first but that’s just how it is. You need one swipe for maximum opacity, and it doesn’t crack or cake up. It goes on extremely smooth and this is consistent in all 3 shades.

Wear time: I’ve been wearing these ever since I received them. They last the whole day with a little bit of fading from the centre after a few meals. But I must say, they survived hot tea, 3 full meals and I couldn’t tell a big difference by the end of the day. Of course all my shades are nude-ish so even if they faded they’re not as visible as vampy shades. But I didn’t have to reapply during the day so that’s something for the high price you pay.

Comfort: These are the lightest and most comfortable matte lipstick I’ve come across.

These are the 3 shades I got:

lip swatches

At a glance Venus and Bombshell might look similar, but they’re actually very different when you take a closer look. If you love warm lipsticks, definitely go for Bombshell as it’s the most gorgeous warm nude with a hint of peachy pink. Venus is more of a Kim K type nude with a more neutral undertone, but it’s definitely not a cool lipstick. It’s great for a heavy smokey eye, or even daily wear to work.

Gossip Gurl is a beautiful warm medium pink that would suit a variety of skin tones. This doesn’t make my teeth look yellow like many pink lipsticks do.

On another note, these colours looked very different on my mother and on one of my girlfriends. So please keep in mind that all lipsticks don’t look the same on everyone.

Are they worth the hype? (please read update on Post Script below) If you love high-end makeup, you’ll definitely enjoy Huda Beauty Liquid Lipsticks.

I hope this review helped you and I’ll see you soon!


Neth Mi

P.S. Updated “Are they worth the hype?” today- 7th Oct 2016 because I felt like my previous review confused my readers, and it didn’t really justify how awesome this product is! Today, after 3 months of continuous use I can say they’re totally worth the hype!

P.P.S. Update on shipping- while these lipsticks are worth the money and the hype, I had had the worst customer care experience with my 2nd order from shophudabeauty.com I also found out it wasn’t just for me, but 4 of my friends went through the same disappointing situation with their customer care so if you want to purchase Huda Beauty products, do so through a Sephora to save some shipping & tax…



9 responses to “Worth the hype: Huda Beauty Liquid Lipsticks”

  1. If they last for that long, and through all that. I think they are worth the price, really like the colours.


    1. Yes they lasted quite long it was very impressive and the colours are gorgeous too… I’m just addicted to Colour Pop for just $6 I think except for the lightweight formula its a decent comparison 🙂 Thanks for dropping by! xx


      1. Your welcome, glade your are liking your buy xx


  2. I’m so behind on the times, I didn’t even know these existed! Also, I appreciate your honesty in this review! The shades are lovely and I love the frosted packaging (not sure about the near $30 though)!


    1. Thank you for dropping by! Yes I love the shades and everything except the price tag 🙂


  3. shadesofbeautyza Avatar

    Love the colours. But would prefer a cheaper alternative x

    Liked by 1 person

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