Beauty Blender or Face Brushes?

Hello beautiful people,

Today I’m addressing one of the most frequently asked questions by my friends, which is: “Do I prefer Beauty Blender or face brushes?”

(Picture repost from:@beautyblender)

My short and sweet answer is: Beauty Blender. Keep reading if you’d like to know why 🙂

  • You don’t need a dozen brushes to apply foundation, cream contour & highlight, concealer and then blend them, and not to mention setting them with powders if you use a Beauty Blender. I would definitely go for the Original Beauty Blender (from the brand- the pink one) and not go for any dupes because, hello, your skin needs the best out of the best and I believe the Original Beauty Blender is PERFECT!
  • It makes blending a dream come true!
  • That soft damp touch on the face is like therapy every morning. My clients love when I use the Beauty Blender and they say it feels so nice on the skin that they want to sleep!
  • It absorbs excess makeup. Any time you’ve put too much blush or highlight or just anything on your face, dab a damp Beauty Blender and it absorbs everything that is unnecessary!
  • Travel friendly because it literally saves all my space that goes for my foundation brush, concealer brush, mini stippling brush and setting brush.
  • Makeup looks more flawless compared to brush application. (Just try applying one side of your face makeup with Beauty Blender and the other side with brushes and you’ll see a big difference!)
  • Amazing on dry skin!

The only con of the Beauty Blender is also one of its pros, only if you overdo it:

  • It might sheer out of your makeup too much. But this happens only if you dab too much so take control and dab like you would on a baby!

Okay there’s one more…

  • It’s the price, because you have to replace it every 30 days (*not exactly sure how often you should replace it. Some people say 30 days, some say every other month and some even say every 3 months) It’s expensive compared to brushes as you can use them for years, but I’ve been using a Blender for more than month with regular cleaning (I use gentle face wash) and it’s still in good condition. I do keep a back up all the time in case I feel like it’s time to throw it away.

Other than the price, I’m in love with the Beauty Blender. It’s kinda hard to go back to brushes once you go for this.

I also have the Micro Mini Blenders for concealers and other precise application. I love them for cream contour and highlight but they’re not an absolute necessity if you have the original one. You just need to practice so that you won’t over-blend.

Let me know what you prefer more… Brushes or Beauty Blender?


Neth Mi

5 responses to “Beauty Blender or Face Brushes?”

  1. Daniela Soriano Avatar
    Daniela Soriano

    I’m also in love with the beauty blender, I feel my brushes just got useless!

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  2. I love both, I really not sure what my favourite is. It really depends what mood I am in, but I always feel like you can never have enough of either x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I didn’t throw my brushes either… Keeping them just in case my mood changes too 🙈 thanks for stopping by xx


      1. Good idea never know X


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