TreStiQue: Orchid Baroque Collection Review

Hello beauties!

Let me talk about some goodies I got from this new brand (new to me) TreStiQue a few months ago… (You know I stopped doing first impressions because they can change overtime so I will always use any product at least for a week before writing my review here)

I wanted to try TreStiQue products but they’re a little pricey, so when this little collection call “Orchid Baroque” was available on I picked it since there were 5 products inside for face, lips and eyes…

All of these products are available for individual purchases (in full size) on their website: and on


This was a limited edition collection, but as I mentioned earlier, you can order these products individually.

  • Highlight Stick- Maldives Luminescent (US$35.00)
  • Lip Crayon- Chile Red (US$ 28.00)
  • Lip Crayon- Nantucket Nude (US$ 28.00)
  • Shadow Crayon- Venetian Gold (US$ 26.00)
  • Shadow Crayon- Aspen Pine (US$ 26.00)

All of these products are mini, so they’re not dual ended like the full size product, which I will briefly talk about later 🙂

Packaging: Comes first as always, even though these days all I need is good product quality… These crayons come in super cool matte black packaging, and the lid mimics a pencil tip (How cool is that!) There is also a band of colour to indicate which shade is inside the crayon so I LOVE this packaging idea. I think it’s awesome. It’s luxurious and very light weight.


Consistency: On the highlight stick and the shadow crayons are pretty similar. They are very smooth and shimmery, and all three are very easy to blend. The lip crayons are both matte finishes and they’re THE most comfortable mattes I’ve ever tried! They’re so hydrating and very opaque. The Nantucket Nude is a little bit streaky, but the with the second coat it blends well into an even finish.

Here are the swatches:


Look 1: Used Nantucket Nude lip crayon, Aspen Pine shadow crayon and Maldives Luminescent…


Aspen Pine is a beautiful olive green with gold shimmer. It’s such an effortless high-end makeup look for an evening when paired with Nantucket Nude. I’m wearing Lash Dubai lashes in Naturally Fake for a soft look.

Look 2: Used Venetian Gold shadow crayon, Chile Red lip crayon and Maldives Luminescent highlight stick.


This is my classic go-to red lipstick look. Venetian Gold is a beautiful oxidised gold that’s great for everyday wear. Chile Red is equally stunning when paired with Venetian Gold.

Maldives Luminescent is a stunning stick highlighter that is great for light to medium skin tones, and it reminds me of the soft iridescent glow Benefit’s Watts Up! highlighter gives.

All these products can be used for an effortless chic, high-end makeup looks for day or night… Now on to the specialty on full size products:

The full size Lip Crayons come with a BB Lip Balm on the other end to prep your lips, and the Shadow Crayons come with Shadow Smudger to easily blend your eyeshadow. These are extras but I think it justifies the price points. I recommend these products because they have amazing formulas and they’re long lasting too…

Do check out their amazing products on

Have a wonderful weekend!


Neth Mi

p.s. My Mr.Right Makeup Discoveries post is coming up tomorrow so don’t forget to hop back in!


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  1. The red lipstick is very much wearable throughout the year!! Love Venetian Gold as well..


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  2. These all look so gorgeous! Could you check out my blog post too? Thanks!


  3. Lovely post!


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