Makeup Geek Full Spectrum Pencil Liners review

Hi everyone!

Today I’m finally ready to write about Makeup Geek’s Full Spectrum Pencil Liners after having used them for almost 3 months! Reason I took so long to do a review is because I’ve noticed that most of our impressions can be deceiving in the long term… (for example, I used to love Lancome’s My French Palette when I first got it but I started disliking and regretting that purchase in less than 4 months) After many other first impressions started to change, I decided to take my time, use the product for at least a month before writing here, even though it may sound too late for some limited edition products.


Before I buy any makeup or skincare product, I read/watch about a dozen reviews and sometimes wait till the hype is over so I can see some more realistic reviews from users. I’m glad I used these Pencil Liners for a long time, and I felt like my impression will not change after using them almost everyday since I received the package.

Marlena launched these liners back in mid-March, and I received my package in mid-April (I ordered a bit late after so much reconsideration) I had only a few black, one purple and one brown eyeliner from different brands, and I had to stock up more eyeliners as I tend to do more and more clients everyday. Personally, I use eyeshadows even on bottom lash line because I like that softness that eyeshadows give, but it was time I invested in good eyeliners.

There are 10 colours in this collection, and you can purchase them individually as well as a whole set.

Price: US$ 9.00 each and US$ 58.00 for complete bundle. I figured that you save so much when you buy the bundle, so I went ahead with that.

Packaging: They come in a slim little box with signature Makeup Geek print. I love the gunmetal colour cap of these pencils because they actually look expensive than US$ 9.00


  • Obsidian: Matte, creamy black. This is as black as a pencil liner can be.
  • Espresso: Matte, coffee brown. Great as top liner for a softer look.
  • Spice: Matte, creamy taupe. This is such a unique colour and one of my favourites from this bundle. It’s great to apply on lower lash line a smudge a little for a soft, daytime smokey look. If you want to buy any pencils individually, make sure this shade is included.
  • Royal: Matte, deep eggplant. Gorgeous on brown eyes!
  • Plumeria: Matte, deep berry shade. This is my other favourite colour because it’s very unique and highly pigmented.
  • Orchid: Matte, bright pinky-purple. Great colour for summer.
  • Ocean: Metallic, deep teal. This colour is GORGEOUS! I used this as a base for my Eid makeup look topped with Pixie Dust eyeshadow and I got so many compliments! Highly recommend you to check this one!
  • Mint: Matte, warm mint green. Great to add to lower waterline for a fun pastel look or to use as a base on the lid.
  • Nude: Matte, creamy ivory. This is so good to apply on lower waterline to make your eyes look bright and big in an instant.
  • Cobalt: Matte, bright electric blue. Great for brown eyes and summer time!


Pigmentation: These liners are the best I’ve tried (apart from Maybelline’s Master Drama liners) as they’re so easy to apply and super creamy and pigmented. I love all the colours and I’m so glad I bought the whole set!

Wear-time: They were on for pretty good  7-8 hours with minimal smudging and fading. I’m not saying it’s 100% smudge proof, but it definitely stayed on place without budging. Only the shade “Ocean” had noticeable smudging, but of course it’s so hot and humid in Colombo I was surprised all the liners stayed in place even after working for hours outdoors wearing them.

Do I recommend them? Yes. I think for US$ 58.00 it’s totally worth it! If you ever plan to buy these liners, get the bundle because you’re saving US$ 32.00!!!! C’mon that’s the biggest discount ever 😀

Happy Sunday!


Neth Mi



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