Anastasia Beverly Hills “Modern Renaissance” Review

By now you all know I’m an eyeshadow junkie and I love wearing soft smokey eyes even for daytime everyday. Collecting eyeshadow palettes and singles are a part of my hobby but I still thought I wouldn’t buy any more eyeshadow till they release Mario’s palette this holiday season. That was only until Norvina dropped the bomb by announcing that their first ever permanent eyeshadow palette is available on their website about a month ago! There wasn’t much buzz on Instagram before they released it, which was a very pleasant surprise. Sometimes some new makeup products are so overhyped on Instagram and I end up not buying them simply because I get fed up seeing it way too much even before anybody has used them for a review. I hope ABH would continue to do this and surprise us bloggers with more of their high quality products that are still worth the buzz and the hype 🙂


I don’t think anybody would think twice to buy this palette. It’s so beautiful and modern, and if anyone has already owned any of her eyeshadows, you know you’re getting your money’s worth with Anastasia Beverly Hills products.

Price: US$ 42.00 on (It’s the priciest palette they’ve released yet)

Packaging: I think this is the only negative comment I have for this product. As much as I love the dusty rose colour of the lid, its texture attracts dirt so fast and mine is already dirty-looking as I use this palette pretty much every day since I received it. Otherwise its as same as the previous palettes with a nice mirror inside and a good dual ended brush that is actually good for a quick application or touch up.

Shade Selection: At a glance most shades look similar, and the palette turns towards berries and warm neutrals in general, but once you make swatches there’re noticeable differences between each shadow. I do wish there was a bit more difference between Love Letter and Venetian Red, but I’m not saying they’re extremely similar either. On the pans, Raw Sienna and Burnt Orange also look a bit similar but they swatch differently too. There’s a good amount of transition shades, highlighters and pops of colour as well as a deep neutral brown to intensify a smokey look.

Variety of Finishes: There aren’t many different finishes in this palette like it did in the Shadow Couture palette. This has 11 ultra-mattes (yay for matte lovers!) 2 metallics and 1 satin finish shadow. I love that there’re more mattes because they can be used for day-time looks so easily.

Consistency and Pigmentation: Are both out of the world, honestly. I’m not exaggerating. The shade Love Letter really took me by surprise because it’s the most pigmented and buttery matte pink shade I’ve ever come across. I’ve heard that purples, red and deep pinks are the hardest to get pigmentation for eyeshadows, but ABH has done an amazing job with the berry shades in Modern Renaissance. All shadows have great consistency (Cyprus Umber may be a bit too buttery and you can expect a bit of a fallout here) and the shade Realgar is a bomb-ass orange to add to your crease!



I received this palette last Wednesday, and I’ve been using this non-stop since then. I love all shadows equally because they’re warm and therefore right up my ally as I can never wear cool tone shadows on my eyes without look dead or sick 😀


(Other products used: MAC Mineralize Timecheck LotionThe Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation- 050 Amber, MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot- Soft Ochre, MAC Studio Finish Concealer- NW35, MAC Studio Fix Powder- NC 25, Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator- Riviera, NARS Bronzer- Laguna, Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade- Dark Brown, MAC In Extreme Dimension 3D Lash Mascara, L’Oreal Super Intenza Gel Liner- Black, BH Cosmetics Waterproof Lip Liner- Nude, MAC Lustre Lipstick- Tumble Dry)

Is it worth the money? YES! I’m glad this palette is permanent because I’m sure I will hit pan pretty soon!

See you soon,


Neth Mi



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