Urban Decay Naked One & Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector

I’ve been eyeing this product ever since Urban Decay launched it and I had to wait almost two months till it was finally available in Turkey to try and purchase! (What’s seriously up with Europe, guys? Why are things launching super fast only in the USA!!! None of the summer collections were available even as I left a few days ago and it was pretty disappointing :/ )

Anyway, UD’s spring/summer collection had a few highlighters, 2 bronzers with beautiful packaging and they also launched this new Hybrid Complexion Perfector under Naked line in a 6 different shades. However, I only saw Medium and Medium Dark in Turkish Sephora, and luckily Medium Dark fit me so well! (I have MAC NC35-40 / NARS Medium Dark 2 skin tone)

I passed the highlighters (honestly have enough highlighters for a lifetime) and the bronzers (I got even more tan over there so bronzers would make me brick red right now) and went straight for the Complexion Perfector.

I bought this simply for the days I have no time to moisturise, prime and apply foundation (and I had a lot of those days over there) because it’s supposed to have all of the above for a quick fix.

I like the packaging: Especially the pump. It’s pretty useful when you’re on the go, and overall looks beautiful so good job, UD!

The consistency: Is slightly thick. Perhaps I’m too used to NARS Sheer Glow formula, and at first I was a bit worried of the thickness because I have dry skin, and thick creams and foundations cake up pretty fast on me, but surprisingly this didn’t! The finish was smooth and matte and lasted all day without any dry patches showing on my skin.

The coverage is: Light and it did not even out my skin tone though. So if you have a lot of unevenness this alone cannot work.

Price: US$ 35.00 It’s a little steep for such light coverage

Overall thoughts: This is an “okay” product for me. It’s not the best nor my favourite for my face, but it can be handy when you’re in a rush. If you’re happy with your current BB cream you don’t need this but if you love light coverage you might like it too. I’d keep this in my handbag for quick fixes but for me, NARS Sheer Glow beats everything! So no re-purchasing of this product for me…

In the below picture I’m wearing the Hybrid Complexion Perfector in Medium Dark:

I’m also wearing Morphe 35O palette, and you can read my review over here.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

See you soon!


Neth Mi


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