Morphe 35O Palette: Worth the hype?

Hi beauties! Welcome to my blog after like 2 weeks! It’s been a hectic fortnight for me between travelling and organising personal stuff and finally I’m back in Colombo. (Tired as hell, but I have 39 posts to write here!)

So I had 2 extremely pleasant surprises waiting for me at home! One was from Morphe and the other was from Makeup Geek! (The full set of their new eyeliners)


Inside the large box from Morphe was the super hyped up 35O palette, that is rarely available on their site and I somehow managed to purchase it in the beginning of May. I honestly had a lot of opportunities to buy this, but I felt like I have way too much eyeshadow so I skipped it for almost a year now, till I saw my friend Karen’s review on YouTube. (She also reviewed 35S & 35M on her channel. Click here to watch)

The packaging is: Basic black plastic with nothing fancy to review about. It’s sturdy enough for travelling, but I’d recommend you keep the bubble wrap that came with it to protect it anyway when you’re on transit flights.

What matters is the inside!


I can imagine why everybody’s crazy about this. It has 21 mattes (yay!!!) 6 satin, 1 shimmer, 1 duo-chrome and 6 foiled finishes (according to my eyes) and the colours range from bone white to golds, oranges, bronzes, taupes and browns. Aside from a very few similar-looking shades, the colour selection is superb!

At a glance it’s a super warm eyeshadow palette, but it does have a few cool-tones to balance it out. The foiled eyeshadow pigmentation is equal to Makeup Geek foiled shadows, and the satin finishes + the duo-chrome are so amazing they are comparable to Anastasia’s satin shades. The mattes have good pigmentation too, and honestly I couldn’t find a single dud in the palette!

Let’s see some swatches…


I was drooling when I made these swatches. They’re so stunning.

Price: US$ 22.99 (At Morphe website)

Is it worth the hype? Definitely! This original 35O is a must-have in my opinion especially if you love warm eyeshadows. This is a great palette for summertime and it will work so good on all skin tones. The last shade (35th) is like bomb when worn alone, and even satins are so beautiful in just one swipe.

I’m planning a collaboration with Karen next weekend so stay tuned! (please check her blog here, and her YouTube channel here)

Thank you for stopping by my blog!

See you soon!


Neth Mi

5 responses to “Morphe 35O Palette: Worth the hype?”

  1. Love this palette, great post! Xx

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  2. […] I’m also wearing Morphe 35O palette, and you can read my review over here. […]


  3. Love your post. Pictures are stunning as always

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  4. love this post. awesome pictures

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    1. Thank you gurrllll


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