Kate Moss for Rimmel Sculpting & Highlighting Kit review

Yeah, buying one more sculpting kit can make no big deal to my already large contour collection, because I’ve started contouring daily again!

I stopped contouring for a while, and I bragged about it over here (sigh!) but I keep buying contour kits so I thought I need to use at least some of them to justify all that money I’m spending (wasting- according to my bf) for those. A few weeks ago I got the new MUFE Pro Sculpting palette and I’m obsessed with it, so it kind of got me back to the whole contouring game again.

I was raiding through the drugstore isles last week and honestly my bill was higher than the Sephora bill (that’s a first!) because I bought so much to review here, and this new Sculpting and Highlighting palette from Rimmel looked very interesting to me.

I like the packaging. It’s clear & drugstore-ish, yet somehow a little bit more elegant may be because of the touch of rose gold lines on the lid or it could be the compact shape of the palette. It’s not super sturdy but not too bad either.


My shade is: 001 (Golden Sands) There are 2 more palettes made for medium and dark skin tones. I know I should’ve got the one for medium, but I liked the pretty baby pink blush here.


The highlight is: More of a pale pink champagne, and it’s not like THE best highlighter ever. It’s average. Like an eyeshadow. Like a regular 10-year-old shimmery eyeshadow. Does that make sense? It DID show up nicely on my skin, but I had to load it up with my Morphe M501 brush and it also lasted a long time.

The contour shade is: A neutral sand brown, which doesn’t show on my medium skin. This would look nice on an extremely pale skin tone. I tried loading up with my Morphe M438 brush, but no matter how much I put on, it failed to show on my NC35 skin. This also has golden micro sparkles that kind of disappear once you apply.

The blush shade is: A beautiful neutral baby pink that is very buttery and pigmented. A little goes a long way and I was super impressed by its lasting power. I used my Morphe M523 brush to apply a little on the apples of my cheeks, and it was still on after like 4-5 hours, which is very good for a drugstore blush. (TBH, even some of my high-end blushes don’t last that long!)

Price: US$ 6.15

I know I should’ve got the palette for medium skin, because the contour doesn’t work for me. But I love the blush shade, and even the highlighter is great when I want a subtle highlight (which is very rare these days, haha!) It’s a nice compact palette that’s good for traveling. If you have so many contour palettes, you can skip this but if you’re new to makeup or you want an affordable one, you can consider this one.

Have a beautiful Sunday!


Neth Mi

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