Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette review

So I desperately needed an eyeshadow palette because I left all my eyeshadows back at home except for the Self-Made palette by Anastasia because I wanted to save luggage space when I’m going back to Colombo. My Z Palettes are pretty heavy and it was kinda hard to pick just a few so I left them all 🙈

The Sephora near my home here is tiny, and for some reason it seems like Europe doesn’t get new makeup products as fast as US does. (They didn’t have the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar for a long time since its launch in the US) On the new arrivals section, the only eyeshadow palette they had was the sickly pink and Valentine-ish Bon Bons Palette from Too Faced, which I decided not to buy when they first launched it.

Okay, I love the Original and the Semi-Sweet palettes and the shadows really work for me. I love neutrals with pops of colour so I was like, alright let’s just buy this because I’m a collector. (So now I have only the Sweet Peaches Palette to buy. I also heard they’re coming up with a Chocolate Chip Palette… Did anyone hear about that?)

Back to Bon Bons…


I made a few swatches before purchasing, and of course there was only one palette remaining at the rack so it was a bit of a compulsive buy too, I admit… I liked the swatches, and even though I haven’t tried many pink tone eye looks, I started loving pink eyeshadow since I got the MUG Cinderella & Cupcake shades because they look amazing on brown eyes!

The Bon Bons palette lean more towards: Pink-hues with cool undertones, that I was very skeptical about in the beginning (which is why I wanted to skip it in the first place) It has 3-4 more neutral/warm shades so I now find that once you blend them with the cool tones, they can actually work on you…

The packaging is: The same metal palette that the other two choc bars have, except this one is pink, and this has embossed hears instead of the square impressions of a real chocolate bar. Inside you get 14 heart shaped pans and 2 rectangles with the names printed next to them.

IMG_4515 copy

Amount of product: Is same as the previous palettes according to Too Faced, even though the heart shaped pans may look like they contain less product.

Overall pigmentation: Is much better than the previous two, and they’ve really worked on the shimmer and glitter shadows this time. Overall palette had very minimum fallout (none from the mattes and satins and a little from the glitters) I’ll talk about each shade’s performance…


  • Mocha: Is a great transition shade in the palette as its a matte neutral pale brown with good pigmentation and no fall outs.
  • Almond Truffle: Is a lighter version of Mocha with a cool undertone in matte finish. Great for fair skin tones as a transition or even to further blend Mocha into the brow bone colour you’d apply. Good pigmentation, but because it’s a pale shade, it doesn’t show up well on medium skin tones.
  • Divinity: Is a white shade with a hint of ash and the finish is not completely matte. It has a velvety finish with micro sparkles that are barely visible once applied. Good pigmentation and no fallouts. Great to set eye primer or highlight brow bone.
  • Cashew Chew: Is a pale grey-toned mauve with a finish similar to Divinity. No fallouts and need a few swipes for medium to tan skins to show up. Good for the lid as a base shade.
  • Pecan Praline: Is a pale nude with a grey-undertone in a matte finish. It goes on smoothly with no fallouts.
  • Cafe Au Lait: Is a silver glittery shade with a hint of champagne. Slight fallouts may happen, but nothing major like Le Grande Palais glitter shades. I love applying this with MAC Fix Plus for a smooth and metallic finish on the lid.
  • Molasses Chip: Is a pale rose gold with satin finish and I love to do the MAC Fix Plus trick with this too. Slight fallouts just like Cafe Au Lait.
  • Satin Sheets: Is a duo chrome pale pink and gold shade with a satin finish. This is so beautiful and is also available on Le Grande Palais. It’s a beautiful shade to put on the inner corners or all over the lid that has no fallouts and excellent pigmentation.
  • Sprinkles: Is a beautiful baby pink satin finish shadow with good opacity. Great as a wash of colour all over the lid for spring time 🙂
  • Cotton Candy: Is a bubblegum pink which has very less to almost no fallouts in a satin finish. They say pinks, purples and reds are the hardest to get good pigmentation, but the pinks and the purple shade in this palette are quite improved compared to their previous ones.
  • Totally Fetch: Is slightly gritty to touch, but has an impressive pay-off for a super bright magenta. I’m sure this shade is a repeat from previous palettes and they’ve just improved the quality and renamed it (I think!) It may look unwearable at a glance, but I mixed it lightly with Mocha for the outer corner of my eyes and I love the effect. You can also put this on the lower lash line for a pop of colour during summer time 🙂 It is a satin finish shade.
  • Bordeaux: Is a deep rosewood shade in matte finish. It has slightly less pigmentation compared to the rest of the palette, but it’s build-able over a good eye primer.
  • Malted: Is a dark chocolate brown with pink micro glitter. Medium pigmentation and slight fallouts can be expected.
  • Dark Truffle: Is a semi matte with gold micro sparkles in a blue-toned deep brown with good pigmentation and no fallouts. Great for a smokey eye!
  • Black Current: Is a glitter finish blackish purple that has slight fallouts but has a smooth feel and good pigmentation. I was expecting it to go patchy because of my previous experiences with Too Faced glitter finish shades, but it went on rather smooth and opaque.
  • Earl Grey: Seemed to be an improved version of Blueberry from the Semi Sweet Chocolate bar at a glance, but I was disappointed with the poor pigmentation yet again. Too Faced really need to work on this shade before putting it on another palette! This is also a satin finish shade.


Price: ₺169.00

The palette also comes with a small booklet of 3 different eye looks you can create just like all Too Faced eyeshadow palettes.

I honestly don’t think this is a must-have. I like the palette but if you already have one or both of the previous chocolate bars, you really don’t need this unless you want those pink shades. If you’re collector or you love the pink packaging with the hearts and all, you can consider this but otherwise it’s not really necessary to buy.

I hope this review helps you if you’re wondering whether to go for this palette…


Neth Mi

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  1. Good review, I’m looking guard to the chocolate chip palette!

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