Collective hauls: MakeupGeek eyeshadow review

Alright everyone, it’s finally time to review all the MakeupGeek eyeshadows I own (I don’t own all of them, unfortunately) and I have no idea why I took so long to do this post! I’ve been using most of these eyeshadows for over a year, but I think in a way it’s good I took so long, because it gave me more than enough time to play them well for a complete review…


I have 31 eyeshadows (11 foil and 20 regular) and I will straight away talk about each shadow because I don’t want to drag this anymore!

MakeupGeek regular eyeshadow pans are priced at: US$ 6.00 each

Foiled eyeshadow price is: US$ 10.00 each

Let’s look at the first row here:


Baby Face: I love using this all over lid to kind of set the eyeshadow primer. This is a dirty white shade with a hint of brown. Leans more towards neutral/cool, and this is one shade I cannot live without. Opacity is buildable.

Shimma Shimma: The perfect inner corner highlight! Nothing beats this one and can be used to highlight cheekbones too, if you have fair to medium skin. Great pigmentation, and it is a must-have.

Rapunzel: Is the palest gold you can imagine. It has a metallic finish and high pigmentation. Not a must-have for me, but it’s another great inner corner highlight for warm skin tones.

Magic Act (Foiled): A must-have light gold foiled shadow that has excellent colour pay-off. (All of MakeupGeek’s foiled eyeshadows have THE BEST pigmentation in the world)

Peach Smoothie: Forget Sweet Peaches palette from Too Faced! Here’s a pale peachy shade that has excellent pigmentation, which is also a GREAT transition shade for medium skin tones that you must-have. It has a soft matte finish and can be used to highlight brow bone if you have dark skin too.

Creme Brûlée: Yet another great transition shade everyone must-have. I swear I’m not sponsored by MakeupGeek and I have purchased all of these shadows by myself, and I know they’re so worth your money. (Plus they’re affordable!) Honestly, go grab this shade because it has great colour pay-off and is a beautiful soft buttery brown shade.

Glamorous: Is a shimmery bronze gold and is a little bit on the drier side. It’s buildable, but it feels a bit dry and you’ll need a few swipes to get proper colour pay off. However, once you get opacity right, it’s such a gorgeous shade for any skin or eye colour.

Desert Sands: Is actually a dupe for Bobbi Brown’s Camel, and is a medium camel brown shade with soft matte finish. This is so buttery and another must-have shade from MakeupGeek eyeshadows. Glides and blends like a dream on top of primer, I love using this to warm up the crease. I also love pairing this with Baby Face for a simple everyday look.

Pixie Dust: Usually I steer away from green eyeshadows, but I bought this purely for fun, and I don’t regret! Pixie Dust is a shimmery lime green, and I love using this to highlight my inner corners for a quick, easy and fun eye look. I sometimes use this on my party makeover clients and they love it! It’s such a fun colour with superb pigmentation. I would say get out of your comfort zone and try out this beautiful shade for a change!

Fortune Teller (Foiled): Oh. My. Gawd. This gold is the bomb. As it is the foiled formula, the pigmentation is out of the world. It’s a beautiful and true yellow gold that will put all your gold jewellery to shame!

Jester (Foiled): Is the older cousin of Pixie Dust. Jester is slightly deeper than Pixie Dust, but it’s yet another fun colour to play with during spring/summer months. I loved using this on the lower lash line with Show Time on the lid during Fall.

Charmed (Foiled): Is such an unusual and gorgeous colour that I’ve failed to find a dupe for! It’s a silvery pale olive green that also has a hint of taupe. Honestly it’s a hard-to-describe colour, but I think it’s a must-have shade for everyone!

High Tea: Perhaps this is the shade I love least out of all the MUG shades I own. It’s a brownish grey with a hint of green in a matte finish, but this colour is not flattering on my NC35 skin! Colour wise I don’t recommend this if you can’t pull off cool undertones, but quality wise it’s superb.

Barcelona Beach: Is another good transition shade, and is a medium sand colour with cool undertones. This can be used to contour your face too. Good pigmentation and blends easily.

Latte: Is a matte dark brown, which also feels a teeny bit drier compared to other mattes from MUG. It’s a part of the Starter Eyeshadow Kit and the shade is an everyday colour, which can be built with a few swipes.

Corrupt: Is a matte black with a subtle sparkle that you’ll hardly notice once applied. It’s a great dupe for MAC’s Carbon and Anastasia’s Noir.

On to the 2nd row:


Unexpected: Is a matte pale almost-lilac-pink with a hint of brown. Another hard-to-describe shade with good pigmentation. Because it’s a unique shade, I think it’s a must-have colour if you’re a makeup junkie.

Prom Night: Is one of my favourite lid colours. It’s a pale lavender-brown shade in a shimmery finish, and is perfect when paired with Unexpected on the crease. Add a little bit of Drama Queen on the outer corner for an instant smokey eye. Slightly less pigmentation than other shades (better performance than Glamorous) but is build-able and blend-able.

Pegasus (Foiled): Is a bright aqua shade, which I believe is a must-have even if you love only neutrals.The foiled finish gives crazy pigmentation, and if you don’t like to play with colours, you can still put a tiny bit on the inner corners or lower lash line for a safe yet fun summer look.

Houdini (Foiled): Every time I wear this shade, I get compliments. Every time! It’s a deep emerald-teal that I love to use alone all over the lid for a dramatic smokey eye. Just one swipe and you’re ready for your dinner date!

Centre Stage (Foiled): Is a gorgeous bright royal blue. Superb pigmentation. I don’t need to say much about foiled shadows because they’re all bombs!

Caitlyn Rose (Foiled): Is a bright amethyst purple, and is a really special shade. When you buy Caitlyn Rose shade, 100% of the net proceeds benefit Batten Disease Support & Research Association. Usually purples and reds are the hardest to get good pigmentation, but Caitlyn Rose is an exception. This is a must-have shade and if you’re guilty of purchasing too much makeup (like me) you won’t feel bad for buying this, as it is makeup for a good cause.

Masquerade (Foiled): Is the warm undertone cousin of Caitlyn Rose, and has slightly less pigmentation too. If you had to pick only purple, I would say go for Caitlyn Rose for the many reasons I mentioned above. Nevertheless, Masquerade is a beautiful shade in a few swipes across your lids.

Drama Queen: A deep plum shade in shimmery finish. Superb pigmentation that can be compared to the foiled formula (this shade is not foiled) Comes in the Starter Eyeshadow Kit.

Showtime (Foiled): Is a warm rusty brown that is perfect for fall. It’s a foiled shade, so ‘nuf said about pigmentation 😉

Cocoa Bear: Named after Marlena’s (Founder/CEO of MakeupGeek) husband, Cocoa Bear is a warm reddish medium brown in a matte finish. This is quite buttery and blends so beautifully, and is a must-have shade for everyone.

Roulette: This shade is to die for! (If you love rust colours!!!) It’s so metallic and buttery, and is a rusty-rose shade that is described as a silky shimmery finish. But I think once you apply it looks more metallic than shimmery.

Poppy: Here’s another fun colour I bought just to give a try. It’s really hard to find these kind of true coral shades with good opacity, and this takes the cake. While it’s not the world’s best pigmentation, this has good, build-able opacity and smoothness.

Cupcake: Another favourite and must-have matte shade. The name itself is so appealing, and the shade is a beautiful medium pink. I love pairing this with Cinderella for an easy daytime look. Superb in pigmentation.

Cinderella: Is so beautiful that I want to wear it every day! This pale shimmery pink is a shade that needs building up, but it’s buttery and blends so beautifully. A must-have shade for neutral lovers.

Sorbet: Is one of the new matte shades launched late last year. It’s a really, really pale matte pink that I sometimes wear as a wash of colour over a primer with a simple cat liner. Medium and build-able pigmentation.

Okay… So overall I love all 31 shades. I have yet to buy the duo-chromes, and I’ve already ordered all 10 new pencil liners to review for you…

If you love buying individual eyeshadows, MakeupGeek has affordable pans for a really good quality. However, when you buy a lot, don’t forget that you’ll be still paying a lot too (ex: my MUG collection cost me US$ 230.00) This is something we don’t really see specially when these are collective hauls (and add shipping charges too!) That being said, I think these shadows are so worth your money, specially if you are a makeup junkie or an artist. They have super strong magnets so they can be easily stored in Z-Palettes.

I love MakeupGeek eyeshadows. They’re talc, paraben and cruelty-free. I’m a loyal fan of Marlena and MakeupGeek, and I trust their products so much, I can easily recommend all of them to anyone without hesitating.

I hope this long-awaited review helped you…

See you soon,


Neth Mi




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