Magicosmetix Concealer Neutraliser in Magic Orange

So looks like this year is all about “Colour Correcting”, isn’t it? With so many major brands coming up with colour correcting palettes and YouTubers posting tutorials on how to use them, thought it’s high time for me to add a post to this new game.

Today I’m reviewing this “orange” colour corrector/neutraliser from Magicosmetix that I received from DressYourFace goody bag 🙂


I’m sure by now you all have at least heard of “colour correcting”. Honestly, it’s nothing new. I’ve seen professional MUAs use these years back for photoshoots, runways, etc… But now it’s become more mainstream than ever, just like how contouring was hyped last year (still in the hype, though)

This particular shade “orange” is used to correct dark circles or any areas that have dark grey/bluish tones on your face. I have heavy dark circles (no) thanks to my South Asian genes, but I hardly use correctors on a daily basis. I generally use this apricot-toned concealer from MAC (NW25) which does both jobs for me at one go, but after about 6-7 hours my dark circles start reappearing. It doesn’t bother me much, but a good colour corrector can help many of us who struggle with such situations.

This shade is: very opaque and slightly luminous. It’s a super bright orange that needs to be used extremely sparingly. I like the double-ended brush that came with it to pat the product on dark areas, and then blend them further with my ring finger.

Price: GBP 14.99 (online)

Here’s a pictorial of how I used this corrector:



On the above pictorial I used the corrector only on the left eye (on picture view) as you can see my right eye is still dark on top right image. After applying concealer on top of the corrector, that side looked more natural and the other side (that didn’t have corrector) looked slightly ashy.

(other products used in the pictorial:

It definitely helped neutralising my dark circles. I love the silky formula and also love that you need very, very little product. However, this is not something I would use every single day. This is great for my private clients and also for photoshoots that I regularly do. On me, I would use it only for a special event as I’m kinda lazy to add another step to my already long makeup routine everyday.

Do I recommend this product? Yes. It is a bit pricey, but I guess it’s worth it if you have really dark areas on your face. The consistency is perfect and creaseless so I love it 🙂

Hope this review helps you…

See you soon


Neth Mi

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