Do you contour your face/body everyday?

Face (and body) contouring has been hyped up so much in the past year or two (specifically last year with so many video clips on Instagram and YouTube tutorials) that it has become a norm in everyday makeup routine for many of us. But seriously, do you contour your face/body everyday? I mean, heavy or light, do you still contour?

Pre-made Powder Contour Palettes: Almost a year ago, I purchased everybody’s contour darling, Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit in Light to Medium. This changed my makeup game so much, and I loved the results of the powders “fawn” & “havana” and I used these every single day until I was tired of contouring (that is nowadays!)

Cream concealers as highlight & contour: Everybody loves L.A. Girl Pro Concealers, and I’m not an exception. I have the shades Creamy Beige to highlight and conceal, with Beautiful Bronze to contour my face. I don’t use this everyday, but if there is an event, or if it’s a special day with a lot of time in hand to do cream products, I would use these. I also use these for my clients because they’re super easy to use.

Pre-made Cream Contour Palettes: I received this palette of Aesthetica Cream Contour Palette (along with it’s powder palette) at DressYourFace Dubai tour in the goody bag. I haven’t even touched it. I don’t want to contaminate it until my L.A. Girl Pro Concealers finish, so definitely not using these right now…

Do I still contour everyday? No. After contouring every single day for almost a year and half, I’m now a little bored with it. I know “Strobing” is again so-last-year, but I’m enjoying a fresh face makeup look with a dewy finish on my cheeks. On some days I totally skip my contour palettes and bronze my forehead with my rotating collection of bronzers. Then I would add a moderate amount of highlights on high points of my face. I’m enjoying this fresh face more than my previous chiselled one.

Sometimes I would contour just my hairline with Anastasia’s “Havana” or NYX powder palette’s “Toffee”, but gone are the days I would contour my entire face with either concealers or powders. I’m letting it look as much natural as I can.

What is your routine? Do you religiously contour your face, or do you like a fresh face once in a while?

I’m waiting for the next big trend in makeup… I wonder what it’ll be…

Let me know your thoughts…


Neth Mi

4 responses to “Do you contour your face/body everyday?”

  1. I’m much too lazy to contour everyday šŸ˜› But those cream contours sound nice!


    1. I hardly contour these days šŸ™‚ Love this whole strobing trend šŸ™‚


  2. Ive never contoured before as i think i already have wuite strong facial features so just highlight instead, however i dont do this everyday- its too much for me x


    1. I love highlighting right now! Kind of obsessed with it! šŸ’•

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