BH Cosmetics Pride+Prejudice+Zombies Eye & Cheek Palette Review

Yesterday I reviewed the newly released Pride+Prejudice+Zombies Lip Gloss set from BH Cosmetics, and I’m keeping my promise to you after a long time! (I apologise for breaking promises to post reviews more often on my blog, but lately I’ve become so busy I try to write everything during weekends and keep it all saved here)

Anyway, here’s picture of the Eye & Cheek palette 🙂


As always, lets talk about the packaging: I love this cardboard packaging with the movie poster print on the top. It’s slightly smaller than Galaxy Chic Palette, and quite bigger than Carli Babel Palette, both are from BH Cosmetics. This one shuts with a magnet, and has a nice, decent sized mirror just like the other two palettes I mentioned above.

I love the interior as much as the exterior. It’s all matte black with glossy black motifs and a quote from the movie/book printed in gold under the mirror. I find the design to be quite elegant.


“I shall never relinquish my sword for a ring”

– Elizabeth Bennet

This palette has 12 eyeshadows, 1 highlighter and 2 blushes.

The eyeshadows are clearly separated into two rows, the top being warm tones and the bottom being cool tones. (4 mattes and 8 shimmers)



Pigmentation: All of these swatches were made without any primers with single swipes. As you can see, the pigmentation is great on most of them. The lowest pigmentation was on shades 1 & 7, and there was a surprise shade on this palette too! It was shade 11, which appeared to be super silvery at first, but the moment my finger touched the shade, it turned into a gun metal shade. (If you followed my snapchat: nmstylefolder, you saw this happen live!) The pigmentation on the black (shade no 12) just blew me off. It gave a good run to MakeupGeek’s Corrupt and Anastasia’s Noir. Seriously, it’s super, duper black!

Colour selection: On eyeshadows are totally up to my standards. These are the shades that I always go for no matter how many palettes I have. This palette has a healthy mix of cool vs warm tones, and shade wise it has from gold, rose-gold, brown, plum, purple, lilac, grey, gun-metal to the blackest black all together. I wish the silver shade was actually silver, but this has great colours for brow bone, inner corners, lids, crease to outer crease.

I love the highlighter (shade no 13) and blush (shade no 14) too. I’m not a fan of the second blush shade (no 15) as it’s too coral and doesn’t go with my skin tone (NC35)

Good job, BH Cosmetics! I love everything about this palette!

I will definitely take this with me when I travel… (Last time I made the mistake of taking only Le Grand Palais palette from Too Faced, and I was so disappointed by its quality. This is such a good deal for just US$ 10.00 so I would tell you not to miss it out! Not sure if this is limited edition. Let me know if you know 🙂 )

I’ll see you soon!


Neth Mi


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