BH Cosmetics Pride+Prejudice+Zombie Lipgloss Set Review & Swatches

Hi all!

I received this newly released lipgloss set from BH Cosmetics a few days ago, and I’ve been dying to share my review with you ever since!


I haven’t got many lip glosses in my collection, so I’m super excited to receive a set of 5 lipglosses for just US$10.00!

Yup, the price of this set was: US$ 10.00 (Original price is US$12.50)

The colours are:

  • Jane- A semi-transparent milky shade (a little similar to MAC’s lipglass in Chic Supremacy)
  • Elizabeth- An opaque creamy medium rose shade
  • Lydia- A semi-transparent reddish rose hue that appears lighter than in the container
  • Kitty- A semi-transparent bubblegum pink with silver sheen
  • Mary- An opaque warm brown (shade is slightly similar to Gerard Cosmetics matte lipstick in 1995)

Well, I forgot to talk about the story behind this collection! (this line also has an eye+cheek palette, which I will post tomorrow, I promise!) This has been created in collaboration with Sony Pictures’ Pride+Prejudice+Zombies movie release this month. Honestly I’m not a fan of zombie movies but I love Jane Austen books… Pride & Prejudice (the original novel by Jane Austen) is one of the very first classics I read in my teens.

Pride & Prejudice & Zombies is: A parody of the original classic by Seth Grahame-Smith. Now, I’m not familiar with THIS parody, but who can resist some makeup inspired by a movie, especially if you’re a makeup junkie!

Back to the products over here 🙂


The formula of these lip glosses are: Really smooth. They are not super sticky. You can feel them on your lips, but they are very, very lightweight.

Pigmentation: 3 of these lip glosses are semi-transparent. They are Jane, Lydia and Kitty. I’m not crazy over Jane and Kitty, but they’re wearable than I thought on my medium skin tone. A thin layer of these glosses are all you want on a lazy makeup day!

Lydia is a pretty interesting shade. I wasn’t too sure about this shade, but it’s quite transparent and becomes a beautiful shade once you apply on your lips. It’s neither red nor pink. It’s more like reddish rose shade that is so appropriate for spring 🙂 These 3 shades lasted an avarage of 3 hours with drinking and eating in between.

The 2 opaque shades are just fabulous! Elizabeth is such a beautiful medium rose shade and Mary is just stunning! I think I’d gravitate more towards Mary than any of the other colours! These two are super creamy, not-so-sticky and they lasted quite a while for a lip gloss.

Final thoughts: I’m not sure whether these are limited edition, but I’d recommend you to grab them anyway! And in a world full of matte lips, be a glossy lip!

I’ll see you soon with my review on Pride+Prejudice+Zombie eye+cheek palette


Neth Mi



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