Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks in Lolita & Bachelorette

I finally got my hands on some Kat Von D liquid lipsticks last December. These lippies were highly raved about for quite some time now, and it took so long for me to get them because they’re not available where I currently live :/

I bought these from Sephora at the Dubai Mall, and luckily the one colour I’ve been praying to get was available, but most of the other colours were sold out at the Kat Von D aisle. Well, I wanted “Lolita” so badly, and it was there!

Lolita is: One of the most sought-after shades from Kat Von D’s liquid lipstick range, I was so surprised to see it remaining there. Lolita is a cult classic, and Kat Von D created Lolita II as well. The colour is somewhat hard to describe, but it’s so in-trend with the whole Kylie Jenner lip colour… It’s a deep nude, and sometimes it looks a bit mauve-y in pictures, but depending on the lighting and your naked lip colour, the colour varies from medium nude to a deep nude. But I feel like no one can go wrong with Lolita…

IMG_2001 1

Bachelorette is: A vibrant raspberry red, and is nothing like any of the reds I own. It’s a unique colour that would definitely suit a variety of skin tones. It’s so bright even I was in two minds whether to buy it or not, but I knew this would make a statement lip in an instant, so I purchased. I’m quite happy with my decision 🙂

Price: US$ 20.00 each

Is it Everlasting? These liquid lipsticks are one of the best I’ve tried. I told you in my previous post that I’m over matte lipsticks, but these are an exception. They don’t feel drying on my lips, and the number one reason I love these is because they are Everlasting! (These lipsticks are called Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks)

So, yes they last a really, really long time. This is kiss-proof (not French, haha!) but it’s at least peck-proof, and you can totally wear these for this Valentine’s Day and your guy can relax because these won’t leave lipstick marks anywhere. (Let’s say it’ll last throughout your V-Day dinner, but I can’t guarantee after that, if you know what I mean 😉 )

No, seriously. When I first wore Bachelorette my guy was like, “so no more kissing today,” and he backed away whenever I tried to even get closer to him! Then I had to kiss the back of my hand to prove that they don’t transfer, and then he was okay…

Out of the two colours I chose, Lolita had better staying power. After a few drinks I noticed that Bachelorette started to move around, leaving stains on my glass. But I still had lipstick on my lips looking like they didn’t move at all.

Are they worth the hype? Definitely! I’d love to buy more shades whenever I can. These liquid lipsticks come handy when you’re going out, because you don’t have to worry about them transferring or retouching. I love the packaging too. They can easily fit in to your clutch, but I doubt you’d need it 😉

I’m planning to do two Valentine’s Day makeup looks using Lolita & Bachelorette… You can stay tuned to my Instagram: @nmstylefolder for more posts and updates 🙂

Happy Sunday!


Neth Mi



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