Holiday 2015: Bath & Body Works deals

I’ve always loved Bath & Body Works over The Body Shop for no particular reason… I love both brands but something about Bath & Body Works seems to attract me more that I’m so curious about it right now… Is it the candles? The scents? I don’t know… Do you have the same experience?

For this season I bought a few stuff from Bath & Body Works… I love their shower gels and candles!


(Candles are not photographed here)

These days they’re having the “Buy 2- get 1 free” deal so I got these three together:


My favourite is this Frosted Wonderland Body Scrub, which has multi-colour glitter in it. How festive can you be!


These smell amazing put together. I like to alternate the two shower gels every day.

This hand cream smells wonderful too. It’s thick and creamy enough to last the whole day on very dry skin.



The little hand gel comes very useful when you’re travelling too, as it’s super tiny, it can even fit into your jeans pockets.

Don’t forget to check out their store for more amazing products and deals this season!

Hope you’re having wonderful holidays!


Neth Mi

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