Holiday 2015: Too Faced Le Grand Palais Swatches & Review

Christmas is just next week!!! I’m so excited to share with you a few holiday picks that you can gift your loved ones, or gift them to yourself like I always do!

Holiday makeup collections are my favourite because they always come with the most beautiful packaging compared to what you get during other seasons, but Too Faced is a brand that always has cute packaging no matter what season it is! So can you imagine what they come up with for Holiday season?


I’m sure you’ve seen their Holiday 2015 makeup collections… If you check out their website for this holiday season, their theme is “Christmas in Paris” They have several new releases under Christmas in Paris, but I chose only two because they were the only ones available at the Sephora I checked into in Dubai…

Welcome to my review on Le Grand Palais de Too Faced…

When I first saw this on YouTube and Instagram I wasn’t too sure whether I needed it. When I wrote my Christmas shopping list, I decided to skip any eye shadow palettes because I already have about 20! (I already have 3 palettes from Too Faced)

But then I walked past the Too Faced isle with my friend, we both stopped near this set. The next moment we had already put one to each of our baskets and we were laughing at how spontaneously we picked it! We didn’t even think twice. We didn’t ask each other or show it to each other like, “hey, check this out!” No, we didn’t. It just happened.

I also put the “Melted French Kisses” liquid lipstick pack to my basket (I got two and I gifted one to my friend on her birthday) before walking to the next isle.

I was so impatient to open it and while I threw away boxes from all other new makeup products I bought, I wanted to keep this bulky packaging all the way home to take proper pictures for my blog. It’s truly beautiful!


This set comes with:

  • 18 eyeshadows
  • 1 highlighter
  • 1 bronzer
  • 2 blushes
  • 1 Better Than Sex mascara
  • 1 Melted Lipstick in Peony
  • 1 Shadow Insurance Primer

This set is a Sephora exclusive, but it’s also available at

Price: US$ 58.00 which I think is a great deal considering how beautiful the packaging is (it’s perfect for gifting!) and the amount of product you get inside.

How beautiful is the inside?


The eyeshadow/blush/highlighter/bronzer palette: Can be taken out of the set and it is slim, so it’s definitely travel friendly. The biggest negative thing I have to say about this palette is that it doesn’t have a mirror anywhere! It has plenty of space to put a nice mirror, but they totally missed it! I’m disappointed about that :/

Here are the swatches from the palette:


Overall pigmentation: Is somewhat different from the usual Too Faced eyeshadows. The mattes and the satin finishes had excellent pigmentation, but shades like Eiffel, Midnight in Paris, Champs Elysees lacked colour payoff and have major fallouts. Make sure you spray some Fix Plus from MAC so there’ll be less fallouts and more of a metallic finish. I can only give 5/10 for the entire palette because after using highly pigmented shades from MakeupGeek and ABH, I’m very picky in my ratings.

But I like the fact that they’ve put good transition shades like Cobblestone & City Lights with deep matte shades like Stiletto & Belle Femme

You already know that Melted Lipsticks rock! I have nothing bad to say about this. It’s a beautiful everyday pink shade that glides on your lips effortlessly. I love they’ve picked a pastel pink for a holiday set, because I feel like I’m tired of seeing reds and other vampy colours. A pastel pink lip is a fresh difference for a holiday look! (I’m not totally over reds and vamps yet, though!!!)

The Shadow Insurance is: Also a great primer I have nothing negative to talk about. I’d definitely splurge on the full size once this and my trusty MAC Paintpot finish!

Better Than Sex Mascara: Was named “Better Than Love” Mascara because I bought this from Middle East. Not gonna write about the change of the word, but I think sex and love are still better than mascara! πŸ˜€ Anyway, it’s a good mascara and I was kidding… But I think I’ll stick to Sephora Outrageous Volume Mascara for a long time πŸ™‚

Final Thoughts: Okay, honestly I think most of the Too Faced palettes look very similar to each other and recently they’ve always added a hot pink, a bright purple and thrown a few golds and neutrals in almost all of them (Think A La Mode Eyes, Vegas Nay, Bon Bons, Joy To The Girls) so I’m actually expecting to see a different colour palette for the next season…

However, I’m a huge fan of Too Faced eyeshadow formula, that I always end up using them in line with Anastasia and MakeupGeek shadows. Though I wish the colour selection could have been better (or something new), I think the palette is very festive (definitely taking this for my winter trip) and the Melted lipstick, the mascara and the shadow primer are bonus points, not to mention the gorgeous packaging. I like this set more than I expected.

Do I recommend this set: If you’re gifting it to a makeup junkie, yes! It’s so pretty I keep opening it everyday in the morning, just to check out the pretty colours and the 3D staircase with the Parisian backdrop. If you love Too Faced products, yes again. But if you’re not a junkie and you have Vegas Nay palette or Joy to the Girls palette, this may not be the best investment. (Le Grand Palais has different colours, but don’t you think they look similar however??)

Anyway, if you’re passing a Sephora, recommend you to check it out. Who knows, you might spontaneously buy this just like we did!

I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season!

Stay beautiful and stay tuned for more Holiday reviews!


Neth Mi

3 responses to “Holiday 2015: Too Faced Le Grand Palais Swatches & Review”

  1. i dont think better than sex mascara is that great. the brush is way too big for my face i think


    1. It’s not better than sex haha πŸ˜‚ yeah I agree have you tried the Sephora one? It’s my fav ATM


  2. […] will definitely take this with me when I travel… (Last time I made the mistake of taking only Le Grand Palais palette from Too Faced, and I was so disappointed by its quality. This is such a good deal for just US$ […]


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