Anastasia Beverly Hills Self-Made Palette Swatches & Review

Hi beauties!

It’s time to review another highly anticipated eyeshadow palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills šŸ™‚

This is known to be their holiday limited edition palette (yes, it’s limited edition, I think all of her pre-made palettes are LE, and yes again, it IS pre-made)

This palette sells at: US$ 35.00 at

They do deliver worldwide, however, I couldn’t get my order placed on their website so I waited till it was available on my favourite cosmetic site,

At it is: US 44.90 but it is inclusive of delivery charges (just US$ 9.44 if you calculate, which is kinda awesome for us in the other side of the world) Also, BeautyBay did an awesome job by despatching it on the same day I ordered, and I got it delivered to my doorstep in exactly 2 weeks, not a day delayed… So I’m really happy about their delivery šŸ™‚

Okay, back to the palette… Here it is:


This palette comes in: A beautiful rose-gold and black box. The palette itself is a cardboard box with a textured lid and a silver placard engraved with “Anastasia Beverly Hills” Packaging is pretty sleek and minimal. It has a mirror and the same dual ended brush you got with the Shadow Couture palette inside.

Talking about the dual ended brush: It’s a really good brush unlike many other brushes that come in palettes that usually end up in my trash. The flat side can be used to pack eyeshadow on the lid and the round, bushy side can be used to blend your eyeshadow. I’m happy they added the same brush to this palette.


Self Made palette has: 14 eyeshadows with 2 Titanium, 4 Metallic, 1 Satin, 2 Sparkle, 2 Duo Chrome, 2 Ultra Matte and 1 Velvet finish.

These are the swatches I made on the back of my hand without any primers:


Buttery: (A build-able beige with an ultra-matte finish) A reappearance from the Artist Palette, this is great to highlight brow bones or to set your eye primer. It’s a great powder base that is very opaque and matte.

Treasure: (An ultra-light Champagne with a metallic finish) This is really shimmery, and I love using this on the inner corners to brighten up the eyes.

Pink Champagne: (A rose gold with a titanium finish) This is a repeat from Shadow Couture palette. Even though I own that palette, I don’t mind a bit having a back up over here because this shade is just amazing. I cannot say how much I like this colour. (I did a live swatch post on my Instagram so you can see how beautiful this shade is!)

Blossom: (A lilac pink with a metallic finish) This is one of those beautifully wearable pink shades that doesn’t look cheap on your eyelids. You know how some pink shades can look really bad, or too Barbie-ish? This is absolutely nice on the lids paired with Metallic Plum and a little bit of Blush…

Sherbet: (An ultra-light peach with a velvet finish) Even though this has a velvet finish, I use this as my transition shade (because sadly, this palette does not have a good matte transition shade) and it’s soooooooo gorgeous! For a very natural look, pair this with Buttery and Hot & Cold šŸ™‚

Hot & Cold: (A rum brown with a metallic finish) A really beautiful colour that works on any skin tone. Great for an all-over-wash on the lid with Sherbet on the crease.

Self-Made: (A deep bronze with a satin finish) Though it says a “deep bronze” in the description, I see this more like a dirty gold shade. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of this shade. It doesn’t appear so nice on my NC35 skin. It might work great on fair skin, though.

Hot Chocolate: (Rich, cocoa brown with an ultra-matte finish) This shade was slightly patchy, but workable. It’s the other matte finish shade in the palette.

Spirit Rock: (A galaxy black with a sparkle finish) A good twist for the plain matte black eyeshadow you want in every pre-made palette. Spirit Rock has chunky pink sparkles, but you can still use it just the way you use Noir from Shadow Couture and Tamanna palettes. I’m very pleased they added this finish to black colour without totally omitting the shade from the palette.

Metallic Plum: (A dark plum with a metallic finish) This shade stays true to the name. It’s a gorgeous colour with a little bit of fallout, so make sure you tap the excess off the brush before touching your eyes.

Deep Purple: (An amethyst purple with a titanium finish) A very good competent to MakeupGeek’s foiled eyeshadow in Masquerade, but I think Masquerade wins. For a titanium finish shadow, I expected it to be similar to Pink Champagne, but this is just a highly pigmented shiny purple shade. It’s beautiful by all means, but I wish it had a better Titanium finish.

Witchy: (A khaki gray with a sparkle finish) A very interesting shade to me. This is a really flattering gray shade on warm skin tones. I haven’t had enough time to play a lot with this, but I like this shade. Stay tuned to my Instagram for looks with Witchy šŸ™‚

Blush: (A light beige with a duo chrome pink finish) So happy they added two duo-chromes to this palette. Blush looks kinda gray in my eyes with a hint of pink. I love duo chrome shadows. This one is a beautiful creation. Love it!

Isla: (A sea foam green with a duo chrome gold finish) Now, sea foam is a colour I always steer away from, because it makes me look dull and sometimes even sick. This, however, is an exception because of the duo chrome gold finish. The subtle warmth gold gives has what made this colour flattering on any skin colour.

Overall pigmentation: Was excellent.

Overall consistency: Was good. Very, very buttery though, so there’s a bit of fallout to expect.

My first impression: Was that this is a palette full of quality eyeshadows. I have a few negative points too. I feel like in terms of colours, most of them are very commonly found in pre-made palettes these days. Self-made leans more towards neutrals with a few pops of colour like Deep Purple and Isla. I wish there were more mattes in this palette, especially a good transition shade.

After playing a bit with this palette, I realised: This is more like a collaboration between Anastasia and Too Faced. (Like Anastasia’s version of Too Faced Chocolate Bar) I don’t think this is a must-have palette. You can buy it if you’re starting makeup or if you’re a junkie like me. Having said all these things, I know I will gravitate a lot towards this palette the same way I do with the Choc Bars.

Do I recommend this?  Yes. But again, it’s not a must-have. It’s not the best Anastasia palette, but still you do get really high quality eyeshadows.

Hope this review helps! If you’re interested to buy, recommend you to act fast because this is Limited Edition, and you know they sell fast šŸ˜‰

See you soon,


Neth Mi




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