Z Palettes obsession…

Hi all,

About two months ago, I got into a de-potting frenzy and de-potted 12 of my eyeshadow palettes just because I got so confused in the mornings opening several eyeshadow palettes at once to create one eye look. I had about 18-20 eyeshadow palettes at that moment ranging from highest-end like Dior to the drugstore corner like L.A.Girl, and it was such a hassle in the mornings to open so many of them because most of the time, these pre-made palettes don’t have every colour we want. Usually, we have to pick colours from a few palettes at once, and I have a bit of OCD when it comes to colour arrangements.

For example, I want colours to be arranged in a gradient manner. Then it’s easy for me to choose a colour fast. So I created this first Z Palette using the two Chocolate Bars I own with my favourite pre-made palette, Anastasia Shadow Couture World Traveller Palette because I always tend to pick shades from those three everyday.

Z Palette one:


I know that de-potting Chocolate Bars is like a totally massacre! It was difficult to depot them because the palette itself is metal, and the metal pans were properly glued to the base. Honestly, I lost my patience and damaged several of the beautiful shadows including Gilded Ganache from the Original Chocolate Bar, which I had to leave in the palette with a heavily broken heart. (Tip for de-potting the Choc Bars: Be patient! Use the correct de-potting spatula and take your time!) 

Something I noticed as I started placing the pans on the Z palette from both Chocolate Bars is that there’re so many similar colours in them. They swatch slightly differently, but you can see the striking similarity only when you keep the pans side by side like in the below picture:

I will do a complete comparison between the Chocolate Bar and Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar next week, because that’s gonna be really interesting one πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I don’t mind them being similar because I absolutely love both Choc Bars. They’re the best shadows among MakeupGeek and Anastasia. I swear that I always end up using them everyday, at least with one shade πŸ™‚

De-potting Anastasia palette was a piece of cake. I wouldn’t have de-potted it if the colours were arranged according to my OCD-fied gradient manner, but you know the palette. All the colours are randomly thrown here and there, so I go crazy and I had to depot it. To my extreme happiness, none of the pans got damaged because they came off really easily. I’m also keeping the brush that came with it (there’s no room in Z Palettes to store your brushes) because I love that brush. That went straight into my brush arsenal.

I’m so happy that I made this Z Palette, even though some Too Faced shadows got damaged, I can make maximum use out of all these palettes now because they’re in one place!

Z palette two:


Okay, this has all individually purchased shadow pans from MakeupGeek. These pans sit on the palette in a blink of an eye, because they have really strong magnet unlike the MAC shadows, apparently!

Now I have all my MakeupGeek shadows in one place too! (Stay tuned for a detailed review on these eyeshadows!)

Z Palette three:


Probably the palette I hardly reach out for. I had to do this because I literally ran out of space. On this palette I have two Christian Dior 5-colour-eyeshadow palette, a Christian Dior travel palette (because I still found it bulky, and I would’t use most of the shades TBH while I travel), MAC Toledo palette in Violetwink, L.A. Girl Beauty Brick in Nudes (most of the shades got damages during de-potting, including the ones I really loved 😦 ) E.L.F Eyeshadow palette, MakeupGeek blush in Spellbound, NARS duo eyeshadow in Surabaya and Christian Dior mono-eyeshadow in Pavillon.

Yeah, it was heartbreaking to depot the Dior shadows, but really, I saved so much space! It wasn’t hard to depot them too. they came off really easily.

Honestly, I don’t like this Z Palette much. Most of the purchases in here are regrets. Though I love the quality of Dior palettes, I still feel like I spent way too much for them. The MAC Violetwink palette was anyway a regret for me. I regret buying it now that I’ve seen so many other affordable brands with so much better quality. The packaging was beautiful, and I fell in love when I first got the palette (because back then I didn’t have so much eyeshadow, you know) but it was so expensive, and I didn’t want to keep them in the packaging, despite the beautiful Toledo artwork. I might probably keep it to store my small necklaces.

Anyway, on another note, I’m happy I saved some space by putting them all into one place πŸ™‚

p.s. I wanted all my Z-Palettes to be white, but at that time, there were only two white palettes so I had to go for a blue because that’s my next favourite colour. I got these empty Z Palettes from www.beautybay.com You can also order them directly from www.zpalette.com (They ship to many countries)

Final thoughts in de-potting: You have to have a strong mind to de-pot some of these beautiful palettes. (Like I did not have the heart to depot LancΓ΄me My French palette) But if you’re a makeup artist, packaging doesn’t matter so much, isn’t it? I think I have passed that sucker-for-packaging-phase by now. All I want is quality makeup in practical packaging for an affordable price. Is it too much to ask for? πŸ˜›

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below πŸ™‚

I’ll see you soon,


Neth Mi

7 responses to “Z Palettes obsession…”

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  2. I’m considering depotting my Chocolate Bar because it’s so bulky (I have the thicker packaging) I never reach for it. Once depotted, do the pans stick to the Z palette the same way MakeupGeek pans do? or did you have to stick a magnet?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes they did 😊 they have a strong glue I think more than a magnet… It was a bit difficult to depot the choc bars because of this but honestly it was the best decision ever to depot them and put it all in one palette πŸ’•


  3. I really want to depot my chocolate bar palette, but I’m nervous about it. Did you use heat or floss or what?


    1. Just a thin screwdriver lol πŸ™ˆ but my friend used the depotting spatula I think that’s a safer way.. The choc bars are a bit of a pain to remove though.. Good luck! πŸ’•


  4. I am thinking of depotting both my chocolate bars, so do you know what size would fit them both, or can you tell me what z palette sizes you used?


    1. I’m using the Large Z palette and both palettes fit in well πŸ™‚ Xx


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