MakeupGeek Eyeshadow Starter Kit review

So this happened yesterday 🙂

Finally, the little MakeupGeek package I was waiting for over a month… I don’t know what happened with the post, but it was crazy delayed that I almost gave up any hopes on getting MakeupGeek Starter Kit

Yes, that’s what I got… The eyeshadow bundle call Starter Kit.

You get nine eyeshadows that is a good mix of shimmer and matte finishes:


The price of this bundle is: US$ 49.00 If you’re buying these pans individually, each pan costs US$ 6.00 so you’re kind of saving US$ 5.00 when you order the bundle. (In my case, I already had the shade Unexpected, so I had to order individually)

Selection of colours: Must’ve been a really difficult job, as MakeupGeek has an amazing colour range, especially neutrals, transition shades and very uncommon shades like Unexpected 🙂 But these shades are handpicked by Marlena, CEO/YouTube guru on MakeupGeek, so obviously it’s a really good selection. I personally love the range of colours and finishes, and this is PERFECT for someone who’s just starting makeup, or even a professional makeup artist… here is why:

Can you already see a 2 tonal families here? There’s a healthy balance of cool, warm and neutral tones.

There’s a shade for each and every area on your eye-lid: Take Shimma Shimma as your inner-corner & brow bone highlight. Creme Brûlée is the best transition shade I’ve seen in the market, and Unexpected, Mocha, Cocoa Bear, Drama Queen are great for your crease. Corrupt is a crazy matte black that everyone needs in their lives, and Prom Night and Glamorous are perfect as all-over lid colours, be it day or night.

The pigmentation is: Great on every single pan. None of the pans were dry or patchy… Here are the swatches:

IMG_8493Let’s talk about each shade 🙂

  1. Shimma Shimma: Is the best highlight shade I’ve ever seen. It’s not too cool, not too warm or golden. It’s a shimmery champagne highlight that is flattering on any skin colour. This is also a dupe for MAC’s Shroom.
  2. Glamorous: Is a shimmery gold shade with a hint of bronze. Great as an all-over lid colour.
  3. Creme Brûlée: Is a soft matte finish sandy nude that is great to blend your crease or any harsh lines. One of the best transition shades you can get, this is a must-have shade for everyone.
  4. Prom Night: Is a shimmer finish pale purple with a hint of grey. This is great for brown eyed beauties as an all over lid colour.
  5. Unexpected: Is such an unexpected colour. It’s a matte finish shadow that is a pale pinkish brown. Great to pair up with Prom Night and/or Drama Queen as a crease colour.
  6. Drama Queen: Is a deep plum shade with pink shimmer. It’s such a gorgeous colour to be used for a dramatic smokey-eye.
  7. Mocha: Is a warm medium brown with a matte finish. Another brown shade that everyone needs in their lives. Great for the crease or outer corner contour
  8. Cocoa Bear: Is named after Marlena’s now-husband. (She got married this weekend! Can’t wait to see her bridal makeup 😀 ) It’s a matte reddish brown, which is slightly similar to Anastasia’s matte shade Morocco. But Cocoa Bear is half the price of Morocco (US$ 12.00 for a pan at their website) so I recommend you to get Cocoa Bear.
  9. Corrupt: Is the dupe for MAC’s Carbon. It’s also a dupe for Anastasia’s Noir. Corrupt is a matte black with a teeny tiny bit of sparkle that you won’t notice when applied on the eyelid. I use this to intensify a smokey-eye and/or as a soft liner on both top and bottom lash lines. I recommend you go for Corrupt because it performs similar to Noir (US$ 12.00) and Carbon (US$ 16.00) , and buying Corrupt makes sense because of the price tag (It’s only US$ 6.00)

Do I recommend this bundle? YES! I recommend anything from MakeupGeek because I know she never makes a mistake. These shadows have high-end quality and selling at an affordable price, which is more than half the price of a MAC eyeshadow that sometimes doesn’t even have good quality. (For example, take Toledo palette in Violetwink)

All of these pans can be easily stored on Z Palettes. (Z palettes are also available at MakeupGeek site) The magnet is way better than MAC’s single pans (for MAC shadows you kind of need the sticker to store them in)


They are cruelty-free, talc and paraben free, and are made in USA.

All pans come wrapped individually and wrapped in bubble wrap for minimal damage. They ship worldwide for affordable rates. Shipping time varies from 2 to 6 weeks.

Do check out her new and reformulated matte shadows AND the amazing duo-chrome eyeshadows and pigments.

These product were bought by myself, but I have affiliate links 🙂

Hope you have a great weekend!


Neth Mi

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