Colour Lock Matte Lipsticks in Blushing & Honesty Review

BH Cosmetics came up with 4 new Colour Lock Matte Lipstick shades for this Fall. As I already own 7 of their old shades and I absolutely adore each one of them, I decided to buy two from the new lipstick collection.

The colours I picked were the 2 nude-ish shades:

  • Honesty
  • Blushing


Here’re the swatches:


They are so creamy and pigmented, and made beautiful swatches on the back of my hand. At a glance, I thought that both colours are super wearable everyday…

But here’s the downside of making decisions based on back-of-the-hand-swatches… They perform differently on the place they’re actually intended to be worn. I’ve spoken about this in my post on MAC’s Toledo Collection Swatches.

So here I wore them on my lips…


Honesty: Was a bit of a disaster. It anyway came melted and broken, which was refunded for by BH Cosmetics after I sent them an email with images. It’s highly pigmented, but was too, too pale for my lips. This lipstick is not meant for medium to deep skin tones. It’s good to mix with a dark shade I guess.

Blushing: Is still pale, but slightly more wearable as it had more pink in it than white. I believe this suits only fair to medium skin tones.

Both Lipsticks have: Good pigmentation, excellent wear-time (7-8 hours before fading) and are super creamy.

I love the formula of these Colour Lock Matte Lipsticks. I’m just not a big fan of the shade “Honesty” as it is too pale for my skin. But I recommend both shades for extremely fair to light/medium skin tones. Even if you have medium to deep skin, you can still use both to mix with bright or dark shades and get customised lip shades…

Hope this review helped you… You can check my review on 7 more Colour Lock Matte Lipstick shades right here.

See you soon!


Neth Mi

2 responses to “Colour Lock Matte Lipsticks in Blushing & Honesty Review”

  1. Honesty seems lovely to pair with smokey eyes!


    1. Yeah that’ll be nice actually 😍


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