Winners & Bummers of Modern Mattes Palette from BH Cosmetics


BH Cosmetics launched a new eyeshadow palette containing 28 matte finished eyeshadow shades call “Modern Mattes” about 3 weeks ago. As we love all-things matte these days, (except for strobing, I guess) I immediately placed an order ’cause whenever they launch a new palette they dangerously sell out faster than hot cakes. (Remember Carli Bybel Palette launch? They’ve shipped my palette but I still didn’t get it after a month and few days since its launch!)

Ok… This didn’t sell out like that. It’s not limited edition, so you calm your eyelids for a while 😀

The launch price was: US$ 12.00 WINNER!

It has 28 matte eyeshadow shades ranging from black, white grey to browns, reds, pinks, purples to greens, teals and blues… So basically it covers a lot of basic colours in the colour wheel except for yellow. Kinda WINNER for me in terms of colour arrangement.

The packaging is: Their regular 28 colour palette packaging, which is plastic with a semi-frosted lid, where you can see all the colours included in the palette. I’m not so impressed by this packaging. Mine doesn’t shut well, so this is definitely not travel-friendly. BUMMER!

Let’s get some swatch-ey swatches!


Isn’t that beautiful? These are made without any primers, but there’re eight BUMMERS in this palette according to the way they performed on the back of my hand 😦

The Bummers:


The Bummers are: The ones with the black crosses. They were so dry and ranged from zero to poor pigmentation. The biggest bummer was shade 15, the 1st shade on the 3rd row from the left. It was so dry and had zero pigmentation. I’m not complaining too much about the red, because I’ve heard reds are the hardest to get good pigmentation in eyeshadow (But MakeupGeek’s “Poppy” shadow will totally disagree with me). The browns on the 1st row were a major disappointment, though. I mean, how many palettes out there have superbly pigmented matte browns? (Hello, Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar! Okay, that’s high-end, but even for a drugstore brand, having poorly pigmented browns is an unforgivable sin!) Oh, and talk about the Teal on the bottom row… Pretty disappointing 😦 BUMMER x 8!

But the good news is: The rest of the shadows had good pigmentation. Not the MakeupGeek-type pigmentation, nor like Anastasia Beverly Hills or Too Faced, but they were smooth and build-able. WINNER x 20!!

Overall: Looking at the number of Winners and Bummers, it IS a WIN, but…

Yeah, there’s a “but”…

I think BH Cosmetics need a LOT of improvement on their matte eyeshadows. For the price (20 good shadows (I’m totally blind on the 8 bummer shades) for US$ 12.00 is great as you can buy only 2 MakeupGeek shadows and only 1 Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow for that price- not talking about the quality here, beauties… Just the price) I think it’s a fair deal, but if they improve their quality similar to their shimmer shadows (remember Galaxy Chic palette, guys?) this can be an extremely good deal.

And they should also improve the packaging. I love their hardboard packaging with magnetic closure… How about bringing that to the 28 palettes? I find these plastic palettes to be so flimsy.

Anyway, it’s not too-too bad… I might depot the WINNER shades and stick them on a Z Palette someday 🙂

Have a colourful Sunday, everyone!


Neth Mi

3 responses to “Winners & Bummers of Modern Mattes Palette from BH Cosmetics”

  1. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog while looking up reviews for the BH modern mattes palette. I just wanted to say it was slightly weird that I found another blog reviewing the same product, with one strange thing. There was a sentence that was almost an exact ‘copy’ of one of yours here! “Good news, the rest of the shadows had good pigmentation. I wouldn’t say the MakeupGeek-type pigmentation, nor like Anastasia Beverly Hills or Too Faced, but they were smooth and buildable.”

    Here is the link to the post:

    I’m not sure if you wanted to do anything about it or if it was purely coincidence somehow….but she did post it about 2 months after you I think soo just heads up! I’d hope that all of her content is original!

    Thank you so much for this review by the way, I enjoyed reading it 🙂

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    1. Hey love! Thanks for the heads up I’ll check on it 💕💕


  2. Oh wow I just checked… what a copy cat! Used more than half of my review and tweaked a few words here and there 😱 I don’t know what I should do… anyway thanks so much again for pointing this out to me


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