BH Cosmetics Bombshell Bronze in Starlet & Siren Review

Hi all,

It’s been weeks since I received these beautiful bronzers from BH Cosmetics, a few days since I even wrote this post but it’s been a hectic week as usual so TGIF!!!

These beauties were on sale for US$ 4.00 each at that time and I’ve read many good reviews on these so let’s get started!!


There’re 3 bronzers in this Bombshell Bronze series:

  1. Starlet (Illuminating Bronzer)
  2. Siren (Shimmering Bronzer)
  3. Diva (Matte Bronzer)

I bought Starlet & Siren, because I already have my MAC Matte Bronze.


These two bronzers come with 4 different shades in each pan, which can be used individually or mixed/customised. As they come in exact quarters, they can be easily used individually without mixing with another colour. You just have to use either your finger or a small brush.

Firstly, I’ll talk about Starlet:


Starlet is: An illuminating bronzer, aka bronzer/blush/highlighter all in one. It truly has an illuminating quality that is pretty similar to the “Louminizers” from TheBalm. Some bloggers say Starlet is strikingly similar to Too Faced’s Snow Bunny Bronzer… If you have Snow Bunny, you can compare with the following swatches:


Here’s my suggestion for each skin tone:

  • Very Fair- Colour 1 as highlighter, 2 as blush, 3 & 4 as bronzer.
  • Light to Medium- Colour 1 as highlighter, 2 & 3 or 2 & 4 as a shimmering blush
  • Tan to Dark- Mix 1,2,3 as highlighter and 4 as a bronzer.

Next Bombshell Bronze is Siren:


Siren is: A shimmering bronzer, and boy, it IS shimmery! But it’s not sparkly. You just have to be careful not to overload your brush. Use a deluxe fan brush to lightly dust this bronzer all over your face & neck for a healthy glow 🙂

Again, some bloggers say this is a dupe for Too Faced’s Sun Bunny Bronzer. If you have Sun Bunny, compare it with these swatches:


This bronzer works only as a bronzer unlike Starlet, but you can adjust the amount of bronze by mixing different colours. This can work on any skin tone too.

Price: Bought for US$ 4.00 at a sale.

Wear-time: 5-6 hours on a hot, humid day.

Do I recommend them? Absolutely!

You can check out more affordable BH Cosmetics product reviews over here. (I’m not affiliated, btw)

Happy Friday!!


Neth Mi

p.s. These products are cruelty-free 😀

2 responses to “BH Cosmetics Bombshell Bronze in Starlet & Siren Review”

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