Gerard Cosmetics 1995 Lipstick Review

I want to go straight into the topic without blabbering on why I chose this shade and etc… We love some 90s makeup, don’t we? And here’s the perfect 90s shade with a modern twist from Gerard Cosmetics:


The lipstick is called: 1995; a great collaboration with YouTube beauty guru Jacklyn Hill. You gotta be kidding me if you don’t know her, but anyway, here’s a link to her channel.

The colour: Is the perfect balance of red and brown in a super lightweight matte finish. When I say perfect balance, I really mean it. It isn’t too red or it isn’t too brown. It IS a warm lipstick, but it’s wearable for both day and night.


The consistency: Is a slightly dry formula, which is normal for matte lipsticks, but once it’s applied on the lips, it doesn’t feel dry at all! It isn’t gooey like MAC matte lipsticks either. For me, this is the perfect consistency for a matte lipstick. It applies very thinly so it doesn’t settle into fine lines. Instead, it blurs the lines and makes your lips look super smooth!

Packaging: Is similar to MAC, but all-gold with Gerard Cosmetics printed neatly in Black. It surely feels luxurious!

Price: US$ 19.00 Yes it is pricey… Pricier than MAC, but I think I would definitely pick Gerard Cosmetics Matte Lipsticks over MAC’s because I cannot stand that gooey formula of MAC mattes and that uncomfortable drying feeling they give on the lips.

Availability: Gerard Cosmetics ship worldwide. I got mine from though…

Here’s a swatch comparison:


I’ve put swatches of my other favourite 90s inspired lip colours from BH Cosmetics. The lip liner in Nude is a teeny bit darker, and the Colour Lock Matte Lipstick leans more red than 1995 from GC. However, BH Cosmetics’ Devotion lasted all day compared to GC, which lasted only about 4-5 hours*. I still find that 1995 from GC is more daytime wearable than Devotion…

Do I recommend this lipstick? Yes. If you can afford it, go for it. But if you’re on a tight budget (you can definitely save some for this too) check out my review on BH Cosmetics Colour Lock Matte Lipsticks because they sell between US$ 3.50 to 5.00 🙂

Here’s me wearing my favourite lip colour ATM, 1995:


Let me know your thoughts,


Neth Mi

*PS- I’ve been wearing this lipstick whole day today and it’s 6:40pm now. I’m so happy to say that this lipstick is still on my lips only with the slightest of fading! 

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