BH Cosmetics Bombshell Blush in Delightful Review

Looking at the history of my blush collection, my first ever blush was from high-end, because back in the day I wouldn’t even look at drugstore (i know, silly me! I missed out so many good products because of that) It was Dior Blush in Rose Cherie, which was a whopping SG$ 70.00 at the duty-free, and when I came back home and applied it, I regretted it so, so, so much. It is still the worst blush I’ve ever purchased in my life, and the most expensive one too. The reason: Bad pigmentation (extremely sheer) and super duper sparkly finish, which didn’t show up on the pan as much as it did on my cheeks. (You will see a swatch pic below)

And today, after two years from that unfortunate purchase, I’m reviewing a blush from the other end of the pricing spectrum, which happens to have the opposite feedback too!

So here goes… BH Cosmetics Bombshell Blush in Delightful 


Price: US$ 6.00 at the time of sale (It’s like more than 11 times cheaper than the Dior Blush)

Pigmentation: Is great. It’s a nice medium pink baked blush that leans more towards neutral side. You guys know I love neutral and cool tone blushes because my skin is anyway warm toned, so I look like an apricot if I apply a warm blush too. It feels so smooth and applies and blends beautifully. For your reference, I did swatches of similar colour blushes from my stash along with Delightful:


You can immediately see why I was mean about Dior’s Rose Cherie 😛 But their blush in Strawberry Sorbet was okay with a smoother satin finish. However, I’d still stick to the drugstore or more affordable blushes like Delightful and Blushing from BH and Spellbound from MakeupGeek. I must say, I love the MAC blush in Modest Blush too 🙂

Packaging: Is where you can say it’s from drugstore. I was amazed how tiny it was when I received it. Even for US$ 6.00 I expected a teeny bit bigger pan, but I love the formula and application so much that I don’t really care how small it is. I have about a dozen more blushes so I know I’ll never get to finish this anytime soon.

Here’s me wearing the blush: 


Do I recommend this blush? Yes. There’re more shades available at and you can also for a sale to get it for a cheaper price.

This product is cruelty-free. 

(Other products I’m wearing here: MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation NC 35, MAC Studio Finish Concealer NW35 & NW25, NARS Bronzer in Casino, Gerard Cosmetics Star Powder in Marilyn, ABH Shadow Couture World Traveller Palette, Gerard Cosmetics lipstick in 1995, ABH Dip Brow Pomade in Dark Brown)

It’s my favourite blush ATM, and yes, I’m so happy I switched to drugstore at the beginning of this year!

Stay tuned for more product reviews from BH Cosmetics 🙂


Neth Mi

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