L’Oreal Colour Riche Eva’s Nude, Freida’s Nude & Zoe’s Red review

Hi dolls!

I honestly don’t want to bore you all with my non-stop BH Cosmetics hauls… (Placed another order last week because they had everything I wanted for 70% off!) I’m telling you, ordering stuff from them is highly addictive because of their crazy deals every day (and then there’s the Carli Bybel palette launching next week!) but I’ll try not to make my blog look like a total BH Cosmetics blog (and I’m not affiliated or anything too) so before I complete my July haul, let me talk about something from L’Oreal 🙂

You already know that there’re two Exclusive Collections (aka Collection Privé) and one is of nudes and the other is of reds with 6 shades for each collection.

These were launched quite some time back, but they sell like hot cakes that every time I reach a L’Oreal counter, these were sold out. But I managed to buy 2 shades from my makeup BFF Nisha and 1 more online (from allcosmeticswholesale.com)

IMG_7434IMG_7438 copy
IMG_7441Zoe’s Red: Looks way darker than how it actually applies on the lips. I was expecting a very berry red (something as dark as MAC’s sin when I first saw it) But this colour is a true red with blue undertones that gives a slight hint of berry lips. In reality, Zoe’s Red was very similar to BH Cosmetics Dark Rose in terms of colour and texture. (You can see a small comparison swatch on the left side)

Freida’s Nude: Is a pretty cool-toned nude with a satin finish. This shade is quite sheer, so you’ll need about 3-4 swipes for some opacity. This is a perfect everyday nude lipstick. (I wonder if the shade can be a dupe for Tom Ford’s Mink… Definitely not the texture, but perhaps just the colour? Let me know if you have Tom’s Mink)

Eva’s Nude: Instantly became my favourite out of the three, because I felt like I finally found my nude-lipstick-soulmate! On the website this colour is described to fit light-medium skin, and I totally agree! This has a slight warm undertone and is satin finish. You need about 2-3 swipes for opacity. Love, love, love!

IMG_7453 copy

Overall, I love the packaging. They don’t look like typical drugstore lipsticks… The smooth, rubberised black with gold details feel luxurious and lightweight. I think they score 10 points on the packaging!

Overall performance of each lipstick was satisfying. Zoe’s Red stayed close to 5 hours before fading out evenly. Freida and Eva’s Nudes stayed about 3 hours so you’ll need some retouching throughout the day.

Price: US$ 8.99 each

Which L’Oreal Exclusive Collection lipstick do you like most?

I’ll see you soon with something from MAC 🙂


Neth Mi

6 responses to “L’Oreal Colour Riche Eva’s Nude, Freida’s Nude & Zoe’s Red review”

  1. Zoe’s red looks very pretty!


    1. Yes it is… It isn’t as dark as you’d expect from the colour of the bullet 🙂

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  2. Just yesterday, I was looking at the Eva’s nude at the store. I was trying to decide if I should get it and didn’t. Now I wish that I had, it’s a beautiful color.


    1. Yes it is 😊 go grab it 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  3. […] and a deep red is a must-have for every makeup-junkie in the world. My favourite deep-red is Zoe’s Red from L’Oreal. It’s not vampy, so it’s quite wearable on daytime too. This colour works as a dark red […]


  4. Do you know of a Mac dupe for freidas loreal nude? 🙂


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